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Sabre GCX Remote

Sabre GCX Remote

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Sabre GCX remote control settings

Display & brightness settings
There are two display options for the GCX remote control, day and night. For best screen visibility during the day use the day setting, you will want to make sure you set the brightness based on your conditions, the brighter the sun, the brighter you will need the remote screen brightness. Anytime you can turn the brightness down by 10% you will save battery life.  Night display mode will need to be reduced from 100% to as low as you can go and still read it so there is less ambient light emitted.

Sequence delay settings
The sequence delay is a pause in the sound sequence after the initial call sound file ends. You have the option to set it at 20 seconds or turn it to OFF, which creates a constant loop without pause. Using the 20 second pause will add some reality to sequences and extend your remote and call battery life.

Sleep mode settings
The sleep mode refers to the display sleep mode timer.  There are three options for the sleep mode setting: 10 seconds,
30 seconds and 1 minute. The timer starts after you select a button and will go to sleep in the amount of time that you preset. To wake the remote simply press any button – it will not disrupt the calling. The next button that you select once the remote is awake will make a function change to the caller or the decoy. The shorter the timer setting, the more power you will reserve for your batteries.

Saving your settings
After making your setting changes simply press the MENU button. The remote will remember your settings until you change them. You may turn the remote off or allow it to go into sleep mode and it will return to what you set while in the Settings mode.

Call list screen (default)
Your GCX remote will default to the Call List Screen for your convenience. This is the screen you will need to navigate your call sounds to make a selection or to set up your Favorites. Notice the P1- and the P2- labels – these indicate whether the sounds are currently in PLAY or PAUSE mode. If the P-1 and file name is green, the sound should be playing. If you select the PAUSE button below the corresponding PLAY button, the P1- file name will pause and the words will turn from green to red in daytime mode, or from green to blue in nighttime mode, indicating that sound is no longer playing. To restart the sounds, press the PAUSE button once again and it will turn green and begin where it left off.

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