.gcx Sound Library

The sound list on this page has a preview file and the downloadable encrypted files for your caller. These sound files are encrypted to be able to play on your ICOtec Outlaw, Night Stalker & Sabre callers ONLY.

IMPORTANT – Do not download the “Preview” file. Only download from the “Download” link.

New for 2023:

ICO Cardinal Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Frustrated – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Apollo Combo – Preview  Download
ICO Rally Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Ultimate Locator – Preview  Download
ICO Zapped – Preview  Download

New for 2022:

ICO Apollo – Preview – Download
ICO Bossy Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Buck Battle – Preview  Download
Capybara 1 – Preview – Download
Capybara 2 – Preview – Download
Capybara 3 – Preview – Download
ICO Chasing Buck Grunts – Preview  Download
ICO Crow Hawk Scuffle – Preview  Download
ICO Desperate Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Excited Pair Howls – Preview  Download
Female Red Fox – Preview – Download
Fox Mating Call – Preview – Download
Golden Jackal – Preview – Download
Jackal Deep Howls – Preview – Download
Jackal Group – Preview – Download
Lone Jackal – Preview – Download
ICO Lonely Female Coyote – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Invitation – Preview  Download
ICO Psycho Luna – Preview  Download
ICO Throwin Down – Preview  Download
ICO Turf Scrap – Preview  Download
Vixen Call – Preview – Download

2021 Calls:

ICO Apollo Interrogation Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Bonnie & Clyde – Preview  Download
ICO Yodeler – Preview  Download
ICO Hot to Trot Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Valley Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Ragin Rabbit – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Chixx – Preview  Download
ICO Blue Jay Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Chatty Wren – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Scrap – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Female Lone Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Male Lone Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Lamb Bawls – Preview  Download
ICO Small Bird Distress – Preview  Download


ICO Baby Blue Jay – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Black Bird – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Grackle – Preview  Download
ICO Cardinal Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Killdeer Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Mocking Bird Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Robin 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Robin 2 – Preview  Download
RG Flicker 1 – Preview  Download
RG Flicker 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Woodpecker – Preview  Download
RG Woodpecker Wailing – Preview  Download
RG Hawk Screams – Preview  Download
BFC Guinea Fowl – Preview  Download
BRS Shrew – Preview  Download
BS Bizzy Bird – Preview  Download
BS Crazy Bird – Preview  Download


ICO Cats Crying – Preview  Download
ICO Feral Cat – Preview  Download
ICO Hungry Kittens – Preview  Download
ICO Crying Kittens – Preview  Download


ICO Apollo Howls – Preview – Download
ICO Apollo Invite – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Apollo Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Luna Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Apollo Rappin – Preview  Download
ICO Elite Group – Preview  Download
ICO Group Talk – Preview  Download
ICO Group Howl 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Group Howl 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Male – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Invite – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Girl – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Rappin – Preview  Download
ICO Nova Howls – Preview  Download
ICO NovaCaine – Preview  Download
ICO Excited Luna – Preview  Download
ICO Sad Luna – Preview  Download
ICO Pre Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Roll Call – Preview  Download
ICO Sassy – Preview  Download
ICO Upper Cut – Preview  Download
ICO LA Duet – Preview  Download
ICO Duet Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Love Song – Preview  Download
ICO Primal Instinct – Preview  Download
ICO Mating Ritual – Preview  Download
ICO Foreplay – Preview  Download
ICO Git N Lippy – Preview  Download
ICO Broken Heart – Preview  Download
ICO Dinnerbell 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Po Boy – Preview  Download
ICO Cage Match – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Chase – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Fiasco – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Whines – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Yips – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Barks – Preview  Download
ICO Food Squabbles – Preview  Download
ICO Knock Out – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Fight – Preview  Download
ICO DRT – Preview  Download
ICO Maniac – Preview  Download
ICO Octagon – Preview  Download
ICO Outbreak – Preview  Download
ICO Pack Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Lone Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Lost Pup Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Battle – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Frenzy 3 – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Pack Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Scrappy Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Spazz Pups – Preview  Download
ICO Squealin Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Frenzy 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Single Coyote Howl – Preview  Download
*JDP Coaxer – Preview  Download
*JDP Invitational Howl – Preview – Download
*JDP Female Coyote Whimpers – Preview  Download
*JDP Female Coyote Invite Howls – Preview  Download
*JDP Female Coyote Lone Howls – Preview  Download
*JDP Male Coyote Invite Howls – Preview  Download
*JDP Male Coyote Lone Howls – Preview  Download
*JDP Coyote Challenge – Preview – Download
*JDP Coyote Yips – Preview  Download
JDP Death Kiss – Preview  Download
JDP Serenade 2 – Preview  Download
JDP Yodeler – Preview  Download
*JDP Puppy Howls – Preview  Download
*JDP Coyote Serenade – Preview  Download


ICO Baby Deer – Preview  Download
ICO Bambi Snack – Preview  Download
ICO Fawn Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Fawn Chatter – Preview  Download
RG Fawn Screams – Preview  Download
TH Whitetail Fawn – Preview  Download
TH Whitetail Fawn 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Rattling – Preview  Download
ICO Long Buck Grunts – Preview  Download
ICO Excited Buck Grunts – Preview  Download
ICO Estrous Doe Bleats – Preview  Download
ICO Estrous Bleats with Grunts – Preview  Download
ICO Buck Grunts – Preview  Download


RG Bull Elk – Preview  Download
RG Cow Elk – Preview  Download
RG Elk Calf – Preview  Download
ICO Young Bull Bugle – Preview  Download


RG Fennec Fox Fight – Preview  Download
RG Red Fox Fight – Preview  Download
RG Red Fox Fiasco – Preview  Download
RG Red Fox Whistle – Preview  Download
RG Fox Whistle – Preview  Download
RG Fox Whistle 2 – Preview  Download


ICO Angry Pig – Preview  Download
ICO Pig Screams – Preview  Download
ICO Piglet Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote vs Piglet – Preview  Download


ICO Javelina – Preview  Download


LS Bull Grunt 1 – Preview  Download
LS Bull Grunt 2 – Preview  Download
LS Bull Rattle – Preview  Download
LS Cow Communication – Preview  Download
LS Estrous Cow – Preview  Download
LS Hot Estrous Cow – Preview  Download


ICO Thumper – Preview  Download
ICO Bugs Bunny – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Cottontail – Preview  Download
ICO Cottontail Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Cottontail Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Sr. Cottontail – Preview  Download
BS Cottontail Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Young Jack – Preview  Download
ICO New Jack – Preview  Download
ICO Desperate Jack – Preview  Download
ICO Jack Squalls – Preview  Download
BS Cottontail Chatter – Preview  Download
BS Jack Chatter – Preview  Download
BS Death Cries – Preview  Download
ICO Tiny Bunny – Preview  Download
ICO Frightened Bunny – Preview  Download
ICO Special Rabbit – Preview  Download
JDP Rabbit Frenzy – Preview  Download
BFC Hare – Preview  Download
BFC Hare 2 – Preview  Download
SB Rabbit – Preview  Download
JDP Mo Cottontail – Preview  Download
JDP Rabbit – Preview  Download
JDP Spazz Rabbit – Preview  Download


ICO Baby Raccoon – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Raccoon Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Raccoon Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Raccoon Squabble – Preview  Download
ICO Coon Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Coon Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Coon Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Coon Fight 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Coon Screams – Preview  Download
ICO Coon Twitters – Preview  Download


RG Muskrat Baby – Preview  Download
BFC Rat Distress – Preview  Download
BFC Coaxer – Preview  Download
ICO Mouse Squeaks – Preview  Download
ICO Mouse Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Rat Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Groundhog Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Squirrel – Preview  Download
RG Fisher – Preview  Download

*ICOtec sounds that come stock on the Outlaw and Night Stalker (does not include Tony Tebbe sounds).