.ico Sound Library

The sound list on this page has a preview file and the downloadable encrypted files for your caller. These sound files are encrypted to be able to play on your ICOtec GC350, GC500, GEN2 GC350, GEN2 GC500 and Hellion callers ONLY.

How to download sounds to your ICOtec GC350 or GC500 caller.

IMPORTANT – Do not download the preview files, only the files linked to download.

New for 2023:

ICO Cardinal Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Frustrated – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Apollo Combo – Preview  Download
ICO Rally Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Ultimate Locator – Preview  Download
ICO Zapped – Preview  Download

New for 2022:

ICO Apollo – Preview – Download
ICO Bossy Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Buck Battle – Preview  Download
Capybara 1 – Preview – Download
Capybara 2 – Preview – Download
Capybara 3 – Preview – Download
ICO Chasing Buck Grunts – Preview  Download
ICO Crow Hawk Scuffle – Preview  Download
ICO Desperate Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Excited Pair Howls – Preview  Download
Female Red Fox – Preview – Download
Fox Mating Call – Preview – Download
Golden Jackal – Preview – Download
Jackal Deep Howls – Preview – Download
Jackal Group – Preview – Download
Lone Jackal – Preview – Download
ICO Lonely Female Coyote – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Invitation – Preview  Download
ICO Psycho Luna – Preview  Download
ICO Throwin Down – Preview  Download
ICO Turf Scrap – Preview  Download
Vixen Call – Preview – Download

2021 Calls:

ICO Apollo Interrogation Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Bonnie & Clyde – Preview  Download
ICO Yodeler – Preview  Download
ICO Hot to Trot Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Valley Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Ragin Rabbit – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Chixx – Preview  Download
ICO Blue Jay Distress – Preview – Download
ICO Chatty Wren – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Scrap – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Female Lone Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Male Lone Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Lamb Bawls – Preview  Download
ICO Small Bird Distress – Preview  Download

2020 Calls:

ICO Cats Crying – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Fight – Preview  Download
ICO DRT – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Apollo Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Luna Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Frenzy 3 – Preview  Download
ICO Apollo Rappin – Preview  Download
ICO Duet Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Elite Group – Preview  Download
ICO Foreplay – Preview  Download
ICO Git N Lippy – Preview  Download
ICO Group Talk – Preview  Download
ICO Lonely Male – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Girl – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Rappin – Preview  Download
ICO Pre Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Roll Call – Preview  Download
ICO Sassy – Preview  Download
ICO Javelina – Preview  Download

2019 Calls:

ICO Baby Deer – Preview  Download
ICO Bambi Snack – Preview  Download
ICO Broken Heart – Preview  Download
ICO Dinnerbell 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Fawn Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Po Boy – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Frenzy 2 – Preview  Download
JDP Serenade 2 – Preview  Download
JDP Yodeler – Preview  Download
TH Whitetail Fawn 2 – Preview  Download

African Game:

ICO African Feeding Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Hyena 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Hyena 2 – Preview – Download
ICO Jackal Howling – Preview  Download
ICO Jackals Howling – Preview  Download


RG Bear Cub – Preview  Download
RG Black Bear Cub – Preview  Download


BFC Guinea Fowl – Preview  Download
BS Bizzy Bird – Preview  Download
BS Crazy Bird – Preview – Download
ICO Baby Blackbird – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Chick – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Grackle – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Robin Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Blue Jay – Preview  Download
ICO Cardinal Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Ducklings – Preview  Download
ICO Killdeer Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Mockingbird Distress – Preview – Download
ICO Pheasant Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Robin 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Robin 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Woodpecker – Preview  Download
JDP Spazz Bird – Preview  Download
RG Baby Sparrow – Preview  Download
RG Baby Woodpecker – Preview  Download
RG Barn Swallow Dist – Preview  Download
RG Barred Owl – Preview  Download
RG Bird Screams – Preview  Download
RG Bluejay Cries – Preview – Download
RG Bobwhite Quail – Preview  Download
RG Cardinal Cries – Preview  Download
RG Dove Death Cry – Preview – Download
RG Flicker Cries – Preview  Download
RG Flicker – Preview  Download
RG Hawk Screams – Preview  Download
RG Hawk vs Quail – Preview  Download
RG Hawk – Preview  Download
RG Magpie Distress – Preview  Download
RG Magpie – Preview  Download
RG Song Thrush Bird – Preview  Download
RG Woodpecker Whaling – Preview – Download

Coyote Fight:

ICO Battling Pups – Preview  Download
ICO Cage Match – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Fiasco – Preview  Download
ICO Cty Pup Growls – Preview  Download
ICO Cyt vs Cat – Preview  Download
ICO Cyt vs Cottontail – Preview  Download
ICO Cyt vs Fawn – Preview  Download
ICO Cyt vs Piglet – Preview  Download
ICO Dueling Coyotes – Preview  Download
ICO Food Squabbles – Preview  Download
ICO Maniac – Preview  Download
ICO Octagon – Preview  Download
ICO Primal Instinct – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Attack – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Battle – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Death Rally – Preview – Download
ICO Pup Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Raya Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Spazz Pups – Preview  Download
ICO Upper Cut – Preview  Download
SH Poots Revenge – Preview – Download

Coyote Howls:

BS Lone Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Apollo Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Apollo Invite – Preview  Download
ICO Group Howl 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Group Howl 2 – Preview  Download
ICO LA Duet – Preview  Download
ICO Lone Pup – Preview – Download
ICO Lost Pup Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Love Song – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Luna Invite – Preview  Download
ICO Nova Howl – Preview  Download
ICO Pack Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Pack Howl – Preview  Download
JDP Coyote Serenade – Preview – Download
JDP Female Coyote Invite – Preview  Download
JDP Female Coyote Lone – Preview  Download
JDP Invitation Howl – Preview  Download
JDP Male Coyote Invite – Preview  Download
JDP Male Coyote Lone – Preview  Download
JDP Pup Howls – Preview  Download
ICO Excited Luna – Preview  Download

Coyote Yips/Whimpers:

ICO Coyote Chase – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Whines – Preview  Download
ICO Female Coyote Yipping – Preview  Download
ICO Fussy Coyote – Preview  Download
ICO Mating Ritual – Preview  Download
JDP Coyote Yips – Preview  Download
JDP Female Coyote Whimpers – Preview – Download

Coyote Challenge Howls:

ICO Challenge Howl 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Challenge Howl 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Challenge Howl 3 – Preview  Download
ICO Coyote Barks – Preview  Download
ICO Mad Coyote – Preview  Download
JDP Coyote Challenge – Preview  Download

Coyote Pup Distress:

ICO Coyote Pup Growls – Preview  Download
ICO Dog Whimpers – Preview  Download
ICO Disturbed Coyote – Preview  Download
ICO Knock Out – Preview  Download
ICO Mega Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Novacaine – Preview  Download
ICO Outbreak – Preview  Download
ICO Pip Squeak – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Attack – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Screams – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Squalls – Preview  Download
ICO Pup Talk – Preview – Download
ICO Pup Whine – Preview – Download
ICO Puppy Cries – Preview – Download
ICO Pups Crying – Preview – Download
ICO Scrappy Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Squalling Pup – Preview  Download
ICO Squealing Pups- Preview  Download
ICO Tiny Pups – Preview  Download
TP Pup Whines – Preview  Download


Air Raid Sirens – Preview  Download
Locator Sirens – Preview  Download


ICO Crow Gang – Preview  Download
ICO Crow Rally – Preview  Download
ICO Sunrise Crow – Preview  Download
RG Crow Chatter – Preview  Download
RG Crow Death Cry – Preview  Download
RG Crow Owl – Preview  Download
RG Crow Screams – Preview  Download
RG Crow Talk – Preview  Download


ICO Rattling – Preview  Download
ICO Buck Grunts – Preview  Download
ICO Buck Snort Wheeze – Preview  Download
ICO Estrus Bleats Buck Grunt – Preview  Download
ICO Doe Bleats – Preview  Download
ICO Fawn Bawls – Preview  Download
ICO Long Buck Grunts – Preview  Download
RG Doe Calling Fawn – Preview  Download
RG Fawn Screams – Preview  Download
TH Whitetail Fawn – Preview  Download
RG Fallow Bull – Preview  Download


ICO Cow Elk 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Cow Elk 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Cow Elk 3 – Preview  Download
ICO Elk Bugle 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Elk Bugle 2 – Preview – Download
ICO Elk Bugle 3 – Preview  Download

Farm Animal Distress:

BFC Orphan Lamb – Preview – Download
ICO Blind Goat – Preview  Download
ICO Chicken Squawks – Preview – Download
ICO Chicken – Preview  Download
RG Baby Goat – Preview – Download
RG Baby Sheep – Preview – Download
RG Chicken Distress – Preview – Download


ICO Crying Kittens – Preview – Download
ICO Feral Cat Distress – Preview – Download
ICO Hungry Kittens – Preview  Download


BFC SS Fox Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Gray Fox Barks – Preview  Download
RG Australian Fox Whistle – Preview  Download
RG Fennec Fox Fight – Preview  Download
RG Fox Birthing – Preview – Download
RG Fox Whistle – Preview  Download
RG Gray Fox Screams – Preview  Download
RG Red Fox Fiasco – Preview  Download
RG Red Fox Fight – Preview  Download
RG Red Fox Whistling – Preview  Download
SH Red Fox Pup – Preview  Download


LS Bull Grunt 1 – Preview  Download
LS Bull Grunt 2 – Preview  Download
LS Bull Rattle – Preview  Download
LS Cow Urinating – Preview  Download
LS Cow Moose – Preview  Download
LS Estrus Cow – Preview – Download
LS Hot Estrus Cow – Preview – Download
RG Cow Moose – Preview  Download


BFC Hare Distress 2 – Preview  Download
BFC Hare Distress – Preview  Download
BFC Original Rabbit Distress – Preview  Download
BS Cottontail Chatter – Preview  Download
BS Jack Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Cottontail – Preview  Download
ICO Bugs Bunny – Preview  Download
ICO Cottontail Chatter – Preview – Download
ICO Cottontail Frenzy – Preview  Download
ICO Desperate Jack – Preview  Download
ICO Frightened Bunny – Preview  Download
ICO Jack Rabbit Screams – Preview – Download
ICO New Jack – Preview  Download
ICO Sr. Cottontail – Preview  Download
ICO Thumper – Preview  Download
ICO Tiny Bunny – Preview  Download
ICO Young Jack Rabbit – Preview  Download
JDP Mo Cottontail – Preview  Download
JDP Rabbit – Preview  Download
JDP Spazz Rabbit – Preview  Download
RG Baby Cottontail – Preview  Download
RG Cottontail Whaling- Preview  Download
RG Cottontail – Preview  Download
RG Jack Delight- Preview  Download
RG Jackrabbit – Preview  Download
SB Rabbit Distress – Preview – Download
ICO Special Rabbit – Preview  Download
JDP Rabbit Frenzy – Preview  Download


ICO Baby Raccoon – Preview – Download
ICO Baby Raccoon Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Raccoon Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Raccoon Squabbles – Preview  Download
ICO Raccoon Chatter – Preview  Download
ICO Raccoon Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Raccoon Fight – Preview  Download
ICO Raccoon Fight 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Raccoon Screams – Preview  Download
ICO Raccoon Twitters – Preview  Download
RG Raccoon Babies – Preview  Download
RG Raccoons Feeding – Preview  Download
RG Raccoon Fight – Preview  Download
TP Baby Raccoon – Preview  Download


BFC Coaxer – Preview  Download
BFC Rat Distress – Preview – Download
BFC WAM Mouse – Preview  Download
BRS Shrew – Preview  Download
EB Porcupine Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Squirrel – Preview – Download
ICO Groundhog Pup – Preview – Download
ICO Mouse Chatter- Preview – Download
ICO Mouse Squeaks – Preview – Download
ICO Rat Distress – Preview –  Download
JDP Coaxer – Preview  Download
JDP Death Kiss – Preview  Download
RG Baby Beaver – Preview  Download
RG Baby Opossum – Preview  Download
RG Badger – Preview  Download
RG Beaver – Preview  Download
RG Fisher Distress – Preview  Download
RG Gray Squirrel Barks – Preview  Download
RG Muskrat Baby – Preview  Download
RG Pine Martin – Preview  Download
RG Opossum – Preview  Download
RG Prairie Dog – Preview  Download
RG Skunk Baby – Preview  Download

Wild Turkey:

ICO Box Call Yelps – Preview  Download
ICO Glass Call Yelps – Preview  Download
ICO Slate Call Purr Cluck – Preview – Download
ICO Slate Call Yelps – Preview  Download
ICO Turkey Yelps – Preview  Download
RG Turkey Distress – Preview – Download

Wild Hog:

ICO Angry Pig – Preview  Download
ICO Baby Pig Distress – Preview  Download
ICO Hungry Pigs – Preview  Download
ICO Pig Screams – Preview  Download
ICO Boar Squeals – Preview  Download
RG Screaming Hogs – Preview  Download
RG Wild Hog Distress – Preview  Download
RG Wild Hog – Preview  Download
RG Wild Hogs – Preview  Download


ICO Wolf Howl 1 – Preview  Download
ICO Wolf Howl 2 – Preview  Download
ICO Wolf Howl 3 – Preview  Download
ICO Wolf Howl 4 – Preview  Download
ICO Wolf Rally – Preview  Download