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Electronic Predator Calls

ICOtec has redefined quality, value and practical products for hunters.

Look to ICOtec for some of the best designed, best engineered electronic animal attraction devices on the planet.

You no longer have to sacrifice results to save money. Dead Serious!

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For the money it is awesome. Called a bobcat in less than 10 mins after we set up. Remote has good range and works on both sound and decoy.”  — GC320

“works as advertised and great shipping”  — GC300

“Works well for the price. Im happy with the purchase.”  — GC300

“this is one powerful unit. The remote control feature is awesome, allowing you to place the unit at a distance and still have full benefit, its certainly loud enough and the replay timer is pretty cool too. I will be taking it out on a hunt in the near future, and updating my review accordingly because that will of course be the true test!”  — GC300

“I really like the ease of use. I killed 4 Fox’s in 2 days. Volume control is perfect.”  — GC300

“After about 45 minutes, it called in the first Coyote! 1 Down, several to go!”  — GC300

“very nice caller with great volume and range of remote.”  — GC300

“Great caller for the money. Plenty loud and the remote works long distances as advertised.”  — GC500

“everything as described great sound works great.”  — GC300

“My boys love their new toy.”  — GC350

“It did a good job. I would recommend it.”  — GC300

“Pros, simple

Good call list
Long transmitter range
No adding new soundsOverall great product for the price!”  — GC300

“Has everything I need. I did not need to pay large amounts of money for something “better”. Used the jackrabbit distress call, in an area with known coyotes, and a male came running to it within 2 minutes. I am happy with it.”  — GC300

“Works really good.”  — PD200

“Love it. Work’s great.”  — GC300

“Great call”  — GC300

“Good stop and very loud. Should worn great for drawing in a yote.”  — GC300

“Tried it out I’m the daytime but have yet to HUNT. I’m sure This babydoll will get’em in.”  — GC300

“So far so good”  — PD200

“Awesome.”  — GC350

“Very good for the price. Has good sound quality and the remote works well”  — GC350

“No problems, works good.”  — GC300

“This was a great purchase for me! While attempting to control predator growth and activity on our hunting property, we have found a new hobby. The device produces a loud and clear sound and is very realistic and accomplished kills on 90% of our hunting trips. The remote offers easy access at a very long range with the optional decoy attachment control. No issues at all and I have used this device several times without any issues in battery life.”  — GC350

“This makes the caller more productive!”  — AD400

“I think this is the best bang for the buck in callers.”  — GC350

“Low price and I have called fox, bobcat, coyote and deer in with it. I love this caller! Great range too.”  — GC350

“works great. also reasonably priced”  — GC300

“I always wanted to call in coyotes. I bagged my first coyote the second time out.”  — GC300

“simple and effective save hundreds”  — GC300

“Great volume and the dual call feature is great. Nice packable size too!”  — GC300

“Bought as gift , Son loves it – Has called in quite afew yotes.”  — GC300

“Awesome call for the price.”  — GC300

“Great call I have only used it a few times so far but we have called in 2 dogs and 1 fox so far. Get you and happy hunting.”  — GC300

“Haven’t tried it in the field yet but it sounds great!”  — GC300

“Works great had two yote come into it so far.”  — PD200

“great little call… as advertised. clear sound at full volume. remote worked for me at 100 yrds. didn’t test further but then again i don’t set calls more than 100 out”  — GC300

“Great electronic game caller, can’t go wrong for the money! Everything is as advertised.”  —  GC300


“Great product great sound can’t wait to see the results!!!! If you like to coyote hunt then you’ll like this”  — GC300

“work perfect expense one do does everything the plenty of volume”  — GC300

“A good call that works as described. I would have like a little more working distance between the main device and the remote. It is a good value when compared to the high end calls that cost hundreds of dollars more.”  — GC300

“This product works well and has a good sound quality. I have only used it once and was not in a good predator area, I was getting used to the operation which was simple and functional. I had ordered another product before which was in the same price range but did not work as advertised and had poor sound quality. Bottom line this is functional and will work for you at this price range.”  — GC350

“I really like this call. I have used hand calls before and I cant reach the necessary decibel level with accurate sound so this helps a lot for bringing animals in then using a hand call to get em closer. It will play two calls at once which i thought was cool. other calls that are similar in performance cost so so much more so if you are looking for a good call without breaking your ammo piggy bank this is a good viable option.”  — GC300

“Great decoy, just make sure you can see where you set it up since that is often the only way to tell if it is on or off (no indicator on the remote). If I can get in an area that has coyotes and they don’t see/smell me they will come in running for this decoy. I have seen them run up and bite it before they realize something is up.”  — PD200

“Like this product it really work good.”  —  PD200

“Easy to use without programming also easy to store, Remote controller attaches to housing. A friend saw mine and ordered one too.”  — GC300

“Sounds great. Easy to use. Not an over abundance of calls but has the most used calls and ability to play 2 calls at once. Remote works great. Like the attached decoy!”  — GC320

“First time out had 2 coyotes run in within 15 minutes. Really like the added decoys (rabbit & woodpecker). It can be removed or left on the Call unit. Also like that decoy can be activated by the remote. Used crow call and got covered with them. So far greatly satisfied. Simple and easy to use. More calls than I’ll ever need.” — GC320

“loud!!! and remote does work from 300 yards as advertised. very impressed and surprised”  — GC300

“I have been looking do just a coyote call.

All the other calls have a prepaid value to add sounds.
In Ohio you can’t use calls to mimic other sounds. So who needs 200 sounds. This call has 24 quality sounds all meant for the cur dog. Lol very happy with the sounds. Will update or repost after I shoot something. 5/21/16″  — GC300

“This was a gift and much appreciated.”  — GC300

“Nice.”  — GC320

“Awesome!”  — AD400

“Works as advertised and easy to use. Only took it out one time and the wind was howling, so I was not expecting to call anything up. I will give it another test on a better day, but it sounded good to me.”  — GC300

“It work well, crows come every time.”  — GC300

“Thanks guys I absolutely love my new ICOtec Caller! Already killed 5 coyotes & 2 bobcats!  Great Product!”  — GC320 (Clint in KS)

“Very loud.”  — GC300

“Called in a bunch of crows the first time out. Very loud and clear.”  — GC300

“wonderful.”  — GC350

“Works great.”  — GC300

“Excellent decoy/call, plenty of options.”  — GC320

“I used this call (along with the attachable decoy) during a coyote hunt this winter. We called in our first coyote within 10 minutes. The remote works very well, the sound is great, and the range is remarkable. Fun tool for hunting.”  — GC350

“Sounds as good as a much higher priced brand if not better.”  — GC300

“Easy to use without programming also easy to store, Remote controller attaches to housing. A friend saw mine and ordered one too.”  — GC300

“This works very well I am very pleased with the results of this call. I have called in several coyotes with the first hunting trip I went on with this call.” — GC300

“I used this call (along with the attachable decoy) during a coyote hunt this winter. We called in our first coyote within 10 minutes. The remote works very well, the sound is great, and the range is remarkable. Fun tool for hunting.”  — GC350

“Call is far superior to what I thought it would be given the cost. Not sure what the need for a foxpro is. Yes it doesn’t have a lit remote. It only has 12 calls. It’s $60 and it calls in predators….Just as effectively as the higher priced units. Save yourself a bunch of money and go with icotech. I love mine.”  — GC300

“Took this out a few times and have had success. It is very loud and I was impressed with the different calls. This is certainly worth the value of the low price (as compared to others and major retailers). Looking forward to going back out to bag some coyotes.”  — GC300

“Light weight, easy to use. I have owned several calling machines and they all work great, but this one is small, compact, and light weight. It calls in coyotes, foxes, bobcats, owls, ravens.”  — GC300

“This is a great add on to any call you might get, it plugs right into my caller.”  — AD400 Decoy

“Good addition to GC 500 Easy on batteries.”  — AD400 Decoy

“Outstanding nailed them coyote bring em in.”  — PD200 Decoy

“I have only used this a couple times and so far have not called in a coyote (drove some crows wild with the baby crow distress though) but I do not think there is any fault in the caller. I think this is a good unit for someone, like myself, starting out calling predators, It operates as promised and some snow and misty rain have so far caused no problems. For the dollars expended, if I never ‘learn how’ or never am in the ‘right place-right time’ I will have no complaint. Some reviewers complain about the small screws on the battery compartments. I found a small Philips head screwdriver that fits them and keep that in a camo shell bag with spare batteries, the caller, attractor, etc. so all that stuff is together when I go out.”  — GC300

“Works great ,love that it works out to 300 yards. to me that means it will work good at 100 yards in timber or heavy cover ect. . just got back from a successful hunt , DOUBLED UP on coyotes this morning icotec called in right in.”  — GC300

“Great product. Works well.”  — GC320

“Great for the price just starting out at coyote hunting great for beginners”  — GC300

“great product”  — GC300

“Outstanding nailed them coyote bring em in”  — PD200

“Works great with Primos turbo dog !”  — PD200

“Works very well for crows, just add an owl decoy, a box of shells and a shotgun. Wish it had piglet in distress already loaded.”  — GC500


“Called in a Coyote from about 450 yards the first time out with it. Its small, portable, loud and easy to use. Highly recommend.”  — GC300

“Easy to use.”  — GC320

A+”  — GC300

For the money this call is extremely loud and also has an auxiliary port for additional speakers.  I haven’t been able to call any thing in yet buy admittedly that may be caused by user error and not the call lol”  — GC300

“Great product, great price”  — GC300

“Works better than i expected, especially considering the price! I’ve used several name brand electronic calls, from remote to handheld. In my opinion, this particular call is as good as a Foxpro or Primos, with one exception: you are slightly more limited on your selection of calls. But for Coyote hunting like i do, this is not a problem.

Addressing some issues othera have had, i.e. remote not working, entire unit not working, remote having hardly any range at all, i feel they may have just gotten lemons. My unit worked right outta the box. Ive had the unit pick up my remote signal from as far as 320yrds in moderate woodlands. Ive succesfully called in Coyote and Lynx, even an Opossum too! My antenna has not broken, as others claim, even carrying it for miles stuffed in a backpack.
A few cons, however:
-Volume level. It isn’t the loudest call ive ever owned. This really is not a problem for me or my applications, i hunt in wooded areas, so my sound cant travel too far anyway. If your an open planes or desert hunter, you may wish to take that into consideration.-I don’t think this unit is waterproof. Its gotten a light misting on it with no problems, but i feel if it sat in a downpour long enough, the speaker may short out. Some say to just put it in a large plastic bag, im sure that would work just fine.-It does stick out like a sore thumb. Either paint or camo covering or camo tape will easily solve that.If you buy this, you wont be disappointed at all. Its a great budget call that really does work!”  — GC300

“Won a crow hunt with it, super super loud. Scared my dog.”  — GC300

“This product is a very good buy for the relatively low price. Works as advertised. It is small, lightweight, and the remote attaches to the call for easy transport. The call is not quite as loud as I would have liked, but is acceptable. Also, the sound tracks are not as good as some on more expensive units, but again they are acceptable. The ability to play two sound files at once is a plus. The advertised remote range is 300 yards. I have only tried it to 150 yards, but it worked well at that range, which is well beyond the range of some competing units. Was able to get multiple coyotes to respond and present shots in the first two days of use. I have only had the call for a week, so I can’t comment on long term quality. But at this point in time I would definitely purchase this unit again.”  — GC300

“This caller works great. I’ve had no problems at all with it. Does everything they say it will do. Haven’t tried it at 300 yds. yet but it works fine at 150 to 175 yds. First time was not a good day to be out weather wise but I went anyway just to play with it. No coyotes yet but I called in a Red Fox the second time out. If you want to call crows it won’t take but about a minute and you will be covered in crows. We were amazed at how fast they covered us up. They came from all directions. Will be going back out to do some coyote hunting as soon as the weather allows. A farmer friend of mine told where there was a den of them.”  — GC500


“Exactly what I expected. Arrived when promised.”  — GC300

“Great product with multiple calls.”  — GC500

“great!”  — GC101XL

“Easy to program for SD cards”  — GC500

“It is so versatile and works better than expected”  — GC500

“Sounds great. Remote range is great (farther than needed is SE Kansas). Decoy works very well.”  — GC320

“Great product for the money. I would say or is just as good as anyone you will buy in the price range up to 200.00 dollars.”  — GC300

“Sounds good,, remote works really well…..I like this unit way better than my old cass creak….lots of volume,,,, it is a keeper”  — GC300

Works great. I was not expecting so much from a simply priced call. Highly recommend.”  — GC101XL

I have no issue with this call. it’s plenty loud, has 12 different call sounds with 2 being the most used for coyotes it seems. Cottontail and Jackrabbit calls. It also has male Coyote howl, Coyote pup, female Coyote howl and another female coyote distressed, female Bobcat, fawn distress, Crow, raccoon and woodpecker distress. You can use 2 calls at the same time which is handy at times. The call unit uses 4 AA batteries. I use the Harbor Freight AA batteries and they last through several hunts with no problem. I’ve used the remote out to a range of the 100 yards, but I’m rarely over that distance. It’s lightweight and easy to use and has an external speaker jack. It’s non programmable, but gets the job done with the calls it has on it. The remote uses an A23 battery which is easy to find, but cost $4.98 for a 2 pack at Walmart. They do work for a long time though. I’m glad I bought this call, since it didn’t break the bank and it works. You can pay a great deal more for a call, but the object is to call in predators and this call does the job just fine.”  — GC300

“Very nice item. Works extremely well.”  — GC300

“Awesome caller ! Compact… light weight… ease of use …. changing batteries are a snap with no hassle…. realistic sounds… volume is more than enough in normal areas in the Northeast.”  — GC300

“First time out today used foxpro deadbone and this call out performed it by a mile…. Better call patterns better sound quality… Higher volume… Remote worked flawless.”  — GC300

Great product. Loud & remote distance is very good. Great alternative to a FoxPro.”  — GC300

Borrowed this to a buddy that has used a FoxPro from another buddy of ours. He said this was just as good as that.”  — GC300

Very pleased with this product.! It surpassed my expectation. I assumed that with the low price of this e caller it would be a bottom end product. Not so!! I recomend this unit to anyone starting out or replaceing there old unit-Abel”  — GC300

“Good sound and volume. A good multi use call. It works. Good value.”  — GC320 Call/Decoy Combo

“I bought this for a buddy because he’s not Amazon suave…. Used it first time last night…. Not a Coyote magnet by any means but works as expected and couples well with both the ico350 & 500.”  — AD400 Attachable Decoy

“This thing is awesome it catches the attention of coyotes real quick I use it with my new icotech go 300 great combination”  — PD200 Decoy

“Recently purchased one of your calls.  I hunt in Northern Oklahoma on some private property.  Hunted for about 12 hours on Friday afternoon and then on Saturday morning.  Had about 6 or 7 stands and wound up with 5 coyotes and my first double ever took 4 home and buried a mangy one.  The IcotechGC300 is a heck of a call for the money.  Love it and would buy another in a heartbeat.

Awesome product.  Coyotes come running.”  — GC300

Really surprised by the caller. First day of use, called two bobcats within 30 yards. No coyotes yet but working on it. Crow in distress brings the crows low for good shooting fun. Overall, for the money, can’t beat it. Live in east Texas where game are pressured highly. Highly recommend for starter.”  — GC300

“I am extremely pleased with this caller. My first night out I called in two coyotes and a red fox within 10 minutes using the cotton tail distress call. My second night out I called in another fox again within 10 minutes using the same call. I can’t speak for the other calls because I haven’t had to use them yet. Great product and you can’t beat the price.”  — GC300

“Grate call sounds is very load and the range on the remote is awesome . Icotec has very good customer service all so . I got a remote with a bad on/off switch and with one email to icotec I had a new remote in the mail box with in 2 days . Love the call and the customer service.”  — GC500

“Volume could of been higher and I wish you could play two sounds at once but other than that it is an excellent caller for the money!!! Adding new sounds to another SD card and using the new sounds is very easy.”  — GC500

I’ve owned many different types/brands of Coyote decoys and for the money ICOTEC is by far one of the best there is for the money, my alpha dog electronic call just took a dump last week, I did my homework and I bought the ICOTEC GC500 so far I have to say it’s the best call I have ever owned.:  — PD200 Decoy

Sounds great. Remote range is great (farther than needed is SE Kansas). Decoy works very well.”  — GC320

“Works great, called in first coyote today 3rd time out with it, easy to use.”  — GC300

This decoy works great. Had it connected to the ICOtec 350 and it kept the attention of a Red Fox that came within about 40 yards of me and never knew I was in the world. Highly recommend ICOtec AD400.”  — AD400 Attachable Decoy

“Great call.. Have called in coyotes, foxes, bobcats, crows. You will not go wrong in my opinion with this call. Have killed predators by this call. Thanks icotec.”  — GC300

“Much better than the foxpro I had before losing it in the woods. Hah. Easier to use the main unit, easier to use the remote and is simple to add your own downloaded sounds. Give this one a look before going anywhere else.” — GC500

Works great. Louder than I expected.”  — GC300

“First time I used it I ended up killing a bobcat Had call in tree and sitnspin on ground about 10yds. away. Bobcat came in(at night) and tried climbing the tree twice to check out call. Came down and looked at sitnspin for a few seconds giving me a perfect broadside shot at 100 yds. Great call for the money. Range is very good- fine at 100 yds and YouTube tested to 300 yds. Negatives- does not get real loud but acceptable; to replace batteries on either unit, you need a phillips screwdriver or your not going to get the batteries out. Not a lot of sound choices but who needs 50 options or more. Packaged sound choices are very good.”  — GC300

For the money the best, I really like the spinning decoy.Thank You.”  — GC320 Call/Decoy Combo

Only time will tell if it holds up. But so far, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. And it appears to be well constructed.”  — PD200 Decoy

“Your buying this because of the cost? You won’t be dissapointed!!!”  — GC300

“This call is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. The cottontail distress call had an owl perched twenty feet away from the call looking for a wounded rabbit.”  — GC300

“I give this call 5 stars. my first trip out i got two coyotes to come in and managed to get one. i used this call with an electronic decoy. it is a very loud and clear call. you can also run multiple calls at one time. had several ravens and other birds come in to investigate what was going on. i would recommend this call to anyone and everyone. Damn good bang for you’re buck!!!”  — GC300

Worked very well and ranged out to max of about 100 yards. Called in two coyotes and a group of does with the Fawn distress.”  — GC300

“This call is an excellent value for the money. Sounds good and the remote has good range. In most cases it does reach out to 300 yards. Would recommend it.”  — GC300

Works great but I have only been able to call out bobcat and not coyotes.”  — GC300

Perfect in every way!”  — AD400 Attachable Decoy

“Great call…the only reason I give it 4 stars is because it only has 12 options. Aside from that, it’s perfect.”  — GC300

“I am very impressed with this little call, especially for the money. The volume is loud enough to call song dogs in from close to a 1/4 mile in thick woods and the sounds are so clear that they sound real. I killed 2 yotes and a grey fox with this call in the first 2 weeks I owned it. That means about 6 fawns that will be recruited in to my deer herd next year. Incredible! Called in another 5 yotes that got away too because I wasn’t using a long-range rifle. On top of that, I called in about 200 crows and killed at least a dozen. If you are planning on hunting solely predators (and crows) this call comes packed with everything you need to have incredibly successful hunts!”  — GC350

“Everything I’ll need to call in foxes and coyotes. Very reasonably priced and the quality of the sound is great.”  — GC350

“We have had great success with these calls, need to be a little computer savvy to download the drop box to add free sounds and then put them in a folder on your desktop so you can find them and they must be loaded thru the call to be put on the SD card ( Can’t just drop and drag or put them straight on a SD card without going thru the call ) but once you have it down, you can set up cards in the order you want with the game you are targeting without having to look at anything if you know which button on the remote is which. Love mine. The 300 is a great call too. We have called in so many fox with these two calls there is no way of counting them all…8 in one set the other day… Hard to beat for the money and customer service. Can’t say enough about the customer service.”  — GC350

This is a great call for the price! Crisp, clear and loud. I am for sure going with ICOTECH when I upgrade but this one is fantastic for a starter kit!”  — GC300

“Perfect. Just as good as the high dollar ones.”  — GC300

“Ordered this game call for my husband & he loved it! Couldn’t ask for better call quality or a better price! Well worth the money & I know it won’t be long before he brings home a coyote!”  — GC300

“Works as advertised. Loud and projects well. Has coyote calls responding back immediately. I feel it is a good adjunct to my hunt. Worth it in my opinion.”  — GC300

“I have used and abused my gc500 call, whether extreme heat or cold, rain or snow this call can handle everything you throw at it. The spec sheet is as truthful as it gets.The call has filled all of my expectations set by the spec sheet along with what I personally look for in an electronic call unit.This unit has crisp clear volume, and the backlit screen is awesome at night.I can control my decoy via the call remote, but what is awesome is that Icotec will have two of thier own decoys available soon. You can also go to the Icotec sound library and download any sounds you want. The user interface is awesome as well with this unit. I would not hesitate to buy another unit from Ico tec!”  — GC500

“Good call. Really good price.”  — GC300

“The first time I used it I had my first victim within 10 minutes. In 4 Saturday evening hunts there have been 7 coyotes and 1 bobcat taken. The remote did work out to 244 yds for sure, I measured it. I recommend it.”  — GC300

“Best call you will find for the money for sure. All you need is 4 AA batteries and you’ll be slaying coyotes in no time.”  — GC300

“It worked great the sound on it travels great and at a far distance. That way you’re always at a safe distance away from the hunting spot I have already recommended it to a lot of people who I hang out with that are big hunters. Thank You Walmart for carrying great merchandise!”  — GC300

“Really surprised by the caller. First day of use, called two bobcats within 30 yards. No coyotes yet but working on it. Crow in distress brings the crows low for good shooting fun. Overall, for the money, can’t beat it. Live in east Texas where game are pressured highly. Highly recommend for starter.”  — GC300

“Came with batteries and worked very well, only been out once since it arrived . Quality build.”  — GC320

“Only time will tell if it holds up. But so far, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. And it appears to be well constructed.”  — PD200

“Its everything I wanted for a great price!”  — AD400

“Perfect in every way!”  — AD400

“This decoy works great. Had it connected to the ICOtec 350 and it kept the attention of a Red Fox that came within about 40 yards of me and never knew I was in the world. Highly recommend ICOtec AD400.”  — AD400

“I’m a deer hunter and have never before hunted coyotes. We are getting quite a population of coyotes on the land we hunt and decided it was time to take a few. We set the call in the upwind corner of the field, got back in the woods and started calling. Within 10 minutes a pack came out and headed straight for the call. This thing is great!”  — GC300

“For the money, this call can’t be beat. Crow distress works VERY well.”  __ GC300


“I got this thang today and it works great had 3 gray foxs come running at me in less then 5 minutes of turning the thang on I like how it pauses for 20 seconds then repeats so I don’t have to well worth the money great buy!!!”  — GC300

“Good and loud!”  — GC300

“Works really well I lured in a lot of coyotes in the past month. This product does work. And it works in the rain”  — GC300

“Works great, if coyotes are in the area, this brings them in.”  — GC300

“Called a coyote in on the second hunt.”  — GC300

“Amazing product works and sounds great. Awesome service .”  — GC500

“Great product for its price. Sounds are very clear and work well!!!”  — GC500

“Call is excellent. Easy to carry, paired with the quiver critter it is deadly. A little more volume would make it better.”  — GC500

“Great call! Called in a few coyotes in a non hunting area to see if it worked. I was truly surprised. Tried the crow call and was mobbed by crows. I mean the call was mobbed they kept flying around looking for the crow in distress. Truly amazing. The remote works from anywhere from 3 inches to beyond 300 yrds. Further than anybody would ever need. Just great! I was always looking at fox pro but the price was to steep. This call does everything on less batteries more distance and downloading new calls is a snap.”  — GC500

“This is a great electronic call, works as well as the more expensive ones, very durable and the batteries last really long running this on sets!”  — GC300

“Works great, and loud enough to attract critters from far away. I mainly bought it for calling in the crows, I was bringing them in by the dozens.”  — GC300

“The ICOtec GC300 is everything you need for basic predator calling. Whether you’re looking for a small light weight call, to a loud and clear noise the ICOtec GC300 has it.

PROS: Lightweight, Loud, Small, Affordable, Water ProofCONS: Not so durableLIGHTWEIGHT: This call weighs little to nothing and when you carry it around in a backpack it does not feel like any extra weight is added.
LOUD: When we played this call it has a clear and loud noise that it emits for any predator to hear around.
SMALL: The ICOtec GC300 packs a big boom, but it small and easy to handle.
AFFORDABLE: For ONLY $65 this call is one of the best and most affordable around right now!
WATERPROOF: After leaving this call out on a rainy morning for hours, it worked just well and had no water damage done to it.Packing a punch for this price!I can honestly say if you are in the market looking for a great and basic predator call this is the one. Coming with 12 different sounds and being clear in sound the ICOtec GC300 is what you are looking for. I called in a bobcat and coyote the first day of using this call and I can’t wait to use it again!”  — GC300

“Scared a coyote out of the cut cornfield we were going to set up in but set up anyway. It was spitting a little snow and the wind was howling out of the north at 30MPH. Hit the cotton tail squealer and within 2 minutes had TWO COYOTES come in at 50-60 yards. Got one of two and should have had both. Never in my dreams did I think you could scare a coyote out of a field and call it back in less than 15 minutes!”  — GC300

“I used this call twice now. The first time I took it out I didn’t get call anything in but I could hear coyotes howling back to the female coyote call. The second time I took it out I played the rabbit distress and called in a fox within 3 minutes. Great call and I would for sure recommend it to anyone looking for an electronic caller on a budget like I was.”  — GC300

“I am very impressed with this little call, especially for the money. The volume is loud enough to call song dogs in from close to a 1/4 mile in thick woods and the sounds are so clear that they sound real. I killed 2 yotes and a grey fox with this call in the first 2 weeks I owned it. That means about 6 fawns that will be recruited in to my deer herd next year. Incredible! Called in another 5 yotes that got away too because I wasn’t using a long-range rifle. On top of that, I called in about 200 crows and killed at least a dozen. If you are planning on hunting solely predators (and crows) this call comes packed with everything you need to have incredibly successful hunts!”  — GC350

“Love it!”  — GC300

“Works great for me. I have been killing coyotes Since I got it. Really good price for a low Budget hunting like myself. I’m always looking for a good deal and this is one.”  — GC300

“I bought this call for my husband. It has beautiful sound quality and works well with the remote. It is very durable and has an easy to carry handle. The remote secures to the call so that it isn’t easily lost.”  — GC300

My dad loves it on his property. The description was spot on, and easy to set up/use.”  — GC300

“Awesome, best investment ever!”  — GC300

“I purchased the ICOTEC 300 last week from Midway USA and used it last weekend with great success. A friend of mine has coyotes eating his chickens so we went in on the call together. We scared a coyote out of a cut corn field and then set up and called in pretty much the same place 10-15 minutes later and called two coyotes in within 1-2 minutes of calling. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would work this good. Thank you for building a quality product!”  — GC300

“My big time hunting family loves this.”  — GC300

“Great call!! So far I have had 3 Foxpros and this thing works 10 times better!! Long range remote and works at any elevation!! Only downfall I have found is the batteries are held in by a screw and requires you to carry a screwdriver out in the field, but battery life seems really well!!”  — GC500

“Bought for a Chinese Christmas gift! It was a hit. My brother loves it and says that the sound quality is better than the one he paid 250.00 for! Very pleased! We are going to use it in West Texas this week.”  — GC350

“Works great very loud and the range is great!”  — GC300

“For the price I was expecting it to only be fair, but after receiving and trying it is high quality and works great. I set it up for crows and and turned it on going back to my seat, about 30 feet and before I could get more 7 or 8 feet they were everywhere and it didn’t seem to bother them that I was standing out in the open. They did that for probably 10 minutes before they decided they had enough and quit coming in right over me. They were still coming but were flaring off about 75 or 80 yards away. I was still standing out in the open.”  — GC300

“Husband and I have a huge prob with coyotes.. This thing brings them in! Recommended.”  — GC300

“Works great after replacing the battery that came in the remote.”  — GC320

“This is a GREAT call!! I usually hunt with mouth calls… but lately I’ve been hunting some brushy pasture that possibly holds a mountain lion.. ( I’ve had 3 bobcats with 25ft of me, while deer hunting..) so i decided to play it alil safer and try an electronic caller, that way at least I wouldn’t get pounced on!! 🙂 well… this morning i got to try it out at that location!! Wow!! Called in and shot 2 coyotes just minutes apart!!! Haven’t called in any cats yet.. but i know its gonna happen!! (P.S. this call will also really scare your sister if u put it in her closet.. so please DON’T try it!!) 🙂”  — GC300

“Awesome! Lots of different sounds. Very Loud. Can use the remote from a long distance away.”  — GC300

“Buy it!!”  — GC300

“Called a Yote in about 10 minutes. First time out with it. Easy set up. The remote is fabulous even at 300 yards and in un level terrain. Volume is great on it. It is Water Resistant not Water Proof so if you’re out in the rain a larger sandwich bag works great.”  — GC300

“Never owned an electronic caller before but so far impressed. You can hear it even when super windy. The feature I like the most is it pauses between sequences.”  — GC300

“It works, first evening a you female came to 10 feet from the call.”  — GC300

“Works well. Glad I got it.”  — GC300

“Purchased on wed received on Friday set up Sunday morning within the first min of calling coyote 20 yards ammo failure, two mins later stray cat came in attacked my spinning tail. I was set up in the back of my woods only 25yards from the call work great,move to another stand this time put the call about 50 yards away worked great, no complaints ,well worth the money at this price, does seem to sound a little distorted at high volume might try a better quality external speaker for long range calling, but on a calm cold night should be fine.” — GC300

“What a great call for under 100 bucks!”  — GC300

“Works great!”  — GC300

“First time out called a grey fox in, so unit seems like it works good.”  — GC300

“First time out with it called one in under 20 min…. great!”  — GC300

“Husband loves it.” — GC300

“Great. My brother loves it!!”  —  GC300

“The only call I have ever had, so I can’t compare it to others. But the first time I used it I had a coyote walk right by me.”  —  GC300   

“Great call, easy to use and called in a yote on the first trip out. Money well spent.”  — GC300

“Well I went out on my morning coyote hunt. ..(with my new electronic caller and my scent away)
Holy s***not even 5 mins. (I’m concealed with rocks behind me) I’m down wind and a coyote (still dark) come flying around the rock I’m sitting in front of with my crossbow pointing towards caller and rabbit. Well this coyote i caught the glare if his eyes and I moved my RED LED LIGHT and he was about 5 yrds from me (no clear fire line yet) this coyote caught a sight of me and jumped about 4 ft in the air and took off like a bat out of hell.  Also, I watched two coyotes after 5 more mins come running in from a different direction and one circled all the way around me and started coming in but stayed right behind a clear shot (brush in my line of fire) anyways he was the biggest coyote I have seen beautiful coat and looked like a full grow German Shepherd(i want this one hanging on my wall) anyways he was sketchy.. tried to come into caller n bait 3 times but was out about 80 yrds.
Well I think I blew it this morning nothing else came into my call BUT…..some crows and a cooper Hawk came down n took some bites of the rabbit I had out. THIS CALLER WORKS GOOD… IT’S a matter of time I learn from my mistakes and nail one of these to my wall.”  — GC300

“Husband loved it.”  — GC300

“Ok, I don’t do reviews but this thing is totally awesome. I had a problem with crows running off the song birds at our feeders, but they are very smart and I can’t get within 200 feet of them. First time I used it, I put the device in a bush, walked back to the patio table, in full view of the feeders and turned on the hurt crow sound. In 5 min I had crows flying 20 feet from me. The second time I used it I had crows in 15 seconds flying around me. The ones that are left have now figured out it is not a good Idea to fly around our feeders at all. Problem solved.”  — GC300

“Excellent service!!! Arrived as promised.”  — GC500
“It is working well .I’ve called in some dogs but I was unable to get a shot off because it got to late in the evening. Talking to some fellas at Cabela’s who bought the fox pro. They said it wasn’t worth what they spent for it, too spendy.:  — GC500
“Works great, nice and loud when you need it to be.”  — GC300
“Husband loves it. He got the fox that had been killing my Chickens.”  — GC300

“I just wanted to say that you can’t beat using this and the mojo critter together, for several months I’ve had between 10 and 15 yotes on my trail cameras, I only have 50 acres, i went out the morning after I got these, called in and killed two yotes my very first try, I was like, WOW, for once I bought something that actually works as advertised!!!. The call brought them in, and when they locked onto the mojo critter, they couldn’t keep their eyes off it, good thing I have an ar-15, or I would of missed both of them, they came in faster than a freight train on steroids, in fact, I have killed 7 out of the 15 I have counted on my cameras. They won’t be getting any more baby deer or any more of the stray cats that my wife rescued, thx Amazon for everything you guys do, you guys are AWESOME WITH AN A+ to boot!!!”  — GC300

“Bought the GC500.  Called in a large bobcat in 5 minutes of turning it on using the cottontail distress.  Another bob came through about 20 minutes later.  And, 2 packs of ‘yotes all around.”  —  GC500

“I got one and very pleased with it. First week of playing with it, i called in 5 coyote’s 1 bobcat and 2 red fox. I love it. Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.”  —  GC300

“Thank you!!” —  GC300

Excellent bangs for your buck. Great experience.”  —  GC101XLWorks better than expected. Great sound.”  —  GC101XL

“So far I really like the caller….sound quality is great.. Great item for the money….”  —  GC350

“Nice call and a good price. Remote works out to at least 300 feet. Careful with the remote when setting up or you will be calling before you are ready. Mine has brought in Fox and Bobcat but I haven’t outsmarted the Coyote yet.”  — GC300

“I had my mind set on a primos and came across this one after reading lots of good reviews and watching several youtube videos I ended up with this one. It has the most common calls needed and they sound good. The range is great on the remote. First time I used it I called in a big female coyote using the cottontail in distress. So far so good I have no regrets and I don’t think you will either.”  — GC300

“Very pleased. I have always used a manual call, but very difficult to do while taking young kids. Needed the yote to be focused in another direction. This call works beautiful every time and has now spoiled me. I’ve had two yotes come in towards the caller at a sprint. Amazing. Would highly recommend.”  — GC300

“Works great, better than I expected.”  — GC300

“Only used twice since my recent purchase. Great call. Plenty loud. Can’t vouch for battery life yet. My 2nd setup was 127 YARDS from where I placed my call. Remote had no problem reaching that far. For the price, so far, deserving of the 5 stars.”  — GC300

“Just getting started predator hunting. So, I’m not an expert. But, really like the call so far. Works well and has good range.”  — GC500

“Great call for the price. Remote is awesome. Can’t wait to shoot some yotes!” — GC350

“AWESOME CALL. Got two foxes and some crows first weekend.” — GC300

“Plenty loud and has good range and call quality.”  — GC350

“I love it!”  — GC350

“Surprisingly good volume. The remote works well. The preloaded sounds cover a vast array of animals, and all sound lifelike. I have really been surprised at the quality and features for the price.”  — GC350

“Does what I want it to do, and at a decent price! Very pleased!”  — GC300

“Great value for the price. Works great!”  — GC300

“This unit works great – even beyond 150 yds. Have only called crows, did bring in seven crows quickly. Easy to use and plenty loud enough!  Would recommend!”  –GC350

“Love it!  Called a coyote in to 60 yards first try. Crows love the distress call. Much cheaper than my brother in-laws foxpro and the remote range although I’ve only went out to 100 yard still surpassed most expensive calls.”  –GC300

“Works very well. Best predator call for the money out there. I hunt a LOT!”  –GC300

“Works well. called in several animals.”  –GC300

“Only used it once but it worked great. Red fox showed up within a minute or two. The Ruger 77 17 HMR made a quick kill at 50 yards.”  –GC300

“This caller rocks! can’t beat the price/value. Great range on remote, decent sounds even at higher output levels.”  –GC350

“Sure sounds good and I love the remote control.”  –GC300

“Excellent quality..The calls are very clear and loud!”  –GC300

“For the money you can’t beat it. Sounds are clear and volume works well. Have not tried it at its maximum yardage yet of 300 yards, but have at about 80 yards with no problems.”  –GC300

“I was somewhat concerned about how effective the call would be as the cost was so reasonable. I installed batteries in the main unit and took it out on our East deck and turned on the power. This was 3:00 PM during the first week of Jan. 2015. I pressed the crow baby distress button with the volume at about mid range. The first crow appeared within 45 seconds, circled and flew off. Another 30 seconds and a flock of 35-40 crows arrived calling and raising Cain obviously upset, and looking for the source of the distress call. Extraordinary!”  –GC300


“This is no lie, I walked out into the woods in NE Ohio. Set it to the distressed fawn, the first coyote came out within 10 minutes. 1 down added the distressed rabbit to go with fawn and shortly there after, a second one came in.Very Impressive. I would recommend this product. By the way I’m a first time coyote hunter and this caller, made it seem easy.”  — GC300

“Great call for the money, and exceptional customer service by ICOtec. I would buy again.”  — GC300

“I got one and very pleased with it. First week of playing with it, i called in 5 coyote’s 1 bobcat and 2 red fox. I love it. Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.”  — GC300

“It is well worth the money. Worked great.”  — GC300

“I did a lot of research before I purchased the ICOtec. I hunt in the southeast, where hilly areas outnumber huge wide open flats. Volume level seems to be the most concern when people rate this caller bad. The volume is more than adequate for my needs, as a matter of fact, I have to be very concussion of the sound level and turn it down as coyotes and foxes work in closer.”  — GC350

“I have only used this call 4 times. All 4 times it has done its job and had them charging in. It called a 22 pound bobcat in shotgun range and 3 large Coyotes in to under 100 yards. It almost makes it too easy.”  — GC350

“This is my first predator call. The distance and volume are great. Simple to use.
I’m enjoying it. Great call for the money.”  — GC300

“Good stuff worked within 10 minutes!”  — GC300

“For the money can not be beat its loud crisp and clear and the remote works as stated first day out here in Illinois first set two coyotes second set two coyotes third set one Bob cat witch I couldn’t shoot because we don’t have a season for them yet I bought this call to fill in for my Western river that was stolen even though you can’t download sounds to it the sounds it has work very well like I said for the money can’t be beat.”  — GC300

“Bring on the Yotes!  This will call them all in!! Loud!!!”  — GC350

“I have used the ICOtec calls and I am really impressed with them. We will be using the GC500 call this weekend when we film another of our Outdoorsmen Adventures television series. ICOtec makes great calls, Ones that I and my crew have a lot of confidence in.”  — GC500

“I got one and very pleased with it. First week of playing with it, I called in 5 coyote’s 1 bobcat and 2 red fox. I love it. Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.”  —  GC300

“The unit works wonderful, well worth the money, it works like they said it would.  The first time I had it out, I had coyotes all around me. The remote works great. Just install the batteries in the unit an your ready to go. Going to get another one. You don’t need to buy the high priced units.”  — GC300

“Its kind of neat but I didn’t get to shoot a coyote. That isn’t necessarily the callers fault. It does scare the geese away from my job, my boss might even buy one.”– GC300

“Works great in the short time I’ve had it. Remote works at least 75 yards without the antennas up.”  — GC300

“ICOtec GC300 is the best thing I have ever come across. Gave me amazing results the first day I turned it on in the field.”  — GC300

“Just what I wanted. Just what I expected. Very good price. Sounds authentic. Just like the real deal. “– GC300

“I got one and very pleased with it.  First week of playing with it, i called in 5 coyote’s, 1 bobcat and 2 red foxes.  I love it.  Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.”  — GC300

“Very impressed with this call. Once I figured out where the coyotes were and what calls to use I was able to call in my first one. He responded to a male/female combo and I had to reposition myself because he was behind me and then a switched to rabbit distress. Came in about 2 minutes later. I smoked him at about 50 feet. I hunt in the woods close to a very noisy farm so evenings work better because I’m not competing with all the other animal noises. I highly recommend this call.”  GC300

“Wife ordered for Christmas for me, from Amazon. Works really well. It’s not the top of the line predator call, but it is a good predator call. Could be louder, but she could have paid a lot more too. Does give a decent variety of sounds, of which you can play two at a time. For a first time predator call, I would recommend people definitely trying it out.”  — GC300

“This is a great call for the money. I called a coyote in the first time I used it.”  — GC300

“Good volume the remote is good the buttons work well. This unit has good quality sounds. It has good battery life Just a overall good unit.”  GC500

“This is a must have unit. I just started hunting coyotes and my first time out with caller I called in the biggest yote I’ve ever seen within 10 minutes of turning on the wounded rabbit! Enough said!  — GC300

“For the money it gives just as realistic calls as the expensive ones.”  — GC300

“This game call is the real deal for the money! it has terrific volume, the remote works out to 250 yards. Quality is good .you cannot find a better value for game calls costing twice the amount of money!” — GC350

“I am a professional predator hunter and wanted to try this caller out for the simple reason if I hunt an area more than once over a three week period the yote’s and cougars seem to get to know the sounds that my fox pro or primo’s put out.  Out of the 8 callers I have this worked as good or better “probably better” than my others especially for the price.  As far as the volume it puts out that I have read other owners talk about, it’s all you need!!A lot of volume is not necessarily a good thing, perhaps on high wind days other than that I have ran off many a yote in my early days sounding like a ten foot rabbit. Remember your on there turf and if it’s not natural or investigative to em you won’t call many in unless there young.  Caller is user friendly, and will do everything you need it too. Tom “predator inc”  — GC350

“Works every time.”  — GC300

“Awesome caller for money! Remote works really far too.”  — GC300

“For the money it gives just as realistic calls as the expensive ones.”  –GC300

“I just want to thank you guys for a great affordable product, I talk to the icotec guys at the wild turkey deer expo in Columbus Ohio on Saturday and they were very nice and helpful.””Excellent call. Loud, good range, and simple to use.”  — GC300

“This is a great call. Sounds just as good as a FoxPro. Using two call sounds at the same time doesn’t really sound good in my opinion. But over all is a great call and well worth the money.”  — GC300

“Wacking dogs daily.”  — GC300

“First time using it, I called in two coyotes. Sounds great, and the remote works very well. Can’t beat it for the price.”  — GC300

“I have been bragging on the ICOtec GC300 since I bought it. The other day I set it up and add literally ten minutes had a coyote charging it. Then yesterday I took a friend who has never been predator hunting before and called up two bobcats from two hundred yards to about seventy. We killed both of them thanks to the ICOtec. I have friends that have Fox pros, and primos callers and I would put this product against there’s anytime. I have pictures of my kills with the call in it and was wondering if there’s some where I can post them and show this call works.” —  GC300

“Works awesome…just as good as the 400 dollar units..well worth the money.”  — GC300

“I haven’t actually used the caller in the field as of yet. I give it 4 stars based on customer reviews and price compared to other callers. I did initially receive a bad caller that had to returned. I received the second caller with no issues. The customer support from ICOtec was great when I called them about the problem I was having with the first caller.”  — GC300

“Awesome!!! further range and easier to add new calls than the foxpro, at a cheaper price!! Highly recommend!”  –GC500

“Excellent call for the money..Extremely loud and life like sounds. The remote is very responsive, even at long distances.”  –GC300

“Very nice call especially for the money. First time I pushed a call besides checking it out at the house I had a nice big coyote come charging in within three minutes. Great distance on the remote and loud enough and clear, well worth the money.”  –GC300

“Works great! Already brought in 2 coyote using this. Really like the clip on remote so you don’t misplace the remote lol.”  –GC300

“Works great, called in dog first 20 min. Cant beat the price.”  –GC300

“Call works but took a good while to get my first coyote. Switching from jack to cottontail. Coyote was trotting pretty hard to the call. If your night hunting red light is the only way to go.”  — GC300

“As soon as  fedex dropped it off.. the batterys were in.. and my first stand out, two arizona greys come trotting in to ole jackrabbitt dist..!!! Realy like this caller!! Thanks for a great product..ICOTEC!! ….southeastern az predatorhunter….”  —  GC300

“The GC500 is a great caller, at least as good as my Primos AlfaDOGG which costs twice the price.”  —  GC500

“Item was just as described! 2nd outing with it and got a fox less than 10 mins. 3rd sitting and called a coyote within 5 mins. This thing is awesome for a reasonable price. Crows go crazy when you use the baby crow distress also.”  —  GC300

“I bought the GC300 and the Mojo critter and finally had the opportunity to take them out this afternoon. “I got out kinda late and only had time for one setup before dark.  I got set up on the edge of a field with the call and decoy about 50 yards from me and started with the rabbit in distress call.  About 3 minutes later 2 coyotes came in.  Got one of the yotes at about 60 yards. I couldn’t get on the second before it got into the brush.  Call sounds were clear and the volume was great.  I’m very pleased with this call and would recommend it.  I do wish it had the capability to load more sounds but for the price it’s an outstanding buy.”  — GC300

“This is a great call regardless of price. The first time I used it I called in a cougar to 45 yards and a coyote to within 30 yards. The sounds are clear and operation is very easy. The remote worked fine out to about 80-90 yards but I didn’t try it beyond that.”  —  GC300

“Very good caller, we use this as our primary caller. The rabbit in distress call has worked wonderful for coyotes and fox. We also use a fox pro as a secondary caller. I even called in some crows to my front porch this past weekend just messing around. We used this caller in -14 temperatures this past week it was our only electronic device that didn’t malfunction.”  —  GC300

“This is a great call , I killed a Bobcat with it.”  —  GC300

“I was somewhat concerned about how effective the call would be as the cost was so reasonable. I installed batteries in the main unit and took it out on our East deck and turned on the power. This was 3:00 PM during the first week of Jan. 2015. I pressed the crow baby distress button with the volume at about mid range. The first crow appeared within 45 seconds, circled and flew off. Another 30 seconds and a flock of 35-40 crows arrived calling and raising Cain obviously upset, and looking for the source of the distress call. Extraordinary!”  —  GC300

“I’ve used the gc300 in the past and its never failed…so when I heard Icotec was coming out with a programable unit…I was excited…its a great caller and very easy to use. I recommend it highly…Russ”  —  GC500

“I do recommend, nice sounds, inexpensive , but good quality. Remote works very well, at good distances.”  —  GC300

“Love this game call! Portable enough! Sound is loud & love remote with 300 yard distance! Outstanding product for this Mississippi Family !!”  —  GC300

“For the price you can’t go wrong!!! I love this caller!!! The remote range is awesome
and the sounds are second to none!!!  —  GC500

“For standard delivery it got here exceptionally fast.  At 2 pm I opened the package put batteries in this unit.  Had it on red fox distress for not even 2 min and had a coyote almost come in the yard barkin at me… excellent sound very satisfied cant wait to use it on a night hunt.”  —  GC350

“This thing is amazing took it to work because we are by a wet land to try out called in a fox in less then 20 min., range very good with remote,  good price.”  —  GC300

“I received the ICOtec GC300 Predator Call in a timely manner. The call was more than I expected for the price.  The call is comparable to other calls that are 2 or 3 times more. It is easy to use and I am excited to be able to use soon.”  —  GC300

“First time I used the predator call a huge bobcat came running out. Didn’t expect it and couldn’t even get a shot. The call is very loud and the remote works great.”  —  GC300

“This call is lightweight and easy to pack, but volume is adequate, especially on howls/ yips. . I love the long range remote, which causes the animals to pinpoint the sound and not you. The sounds are very realistic compared to previous callers I’ve used. First time out I called in a lone coyote with howls and yips, and got him in for a kill shot with the distressed rabbit. Ten minutes later I called again in the same area with the distressed pup call, and had two more come in from another direction. I switched back to distressed rabbit and got them in close enough to kill one. I am impressed so far.”  —  GC350

“Volume is adequate, especially on howls/yips. Sounds are much more realistic than another brand of caller I had. Took it out and called in a coyote within 5 minutes using howls to bring him out and distressed rabbit to bring him in for kill shot. Ten minutes later in same area I called in two more with coyote distress and distressed rabbit, and got a kill shot on one of them. So far, so good for me. Not so much for the coyotes.”  —  GC350

“Works as advertised. called in fox first time out.”  —  GC350

“For standard delivery it got here exceptionally fast. At 2 pm I opened the package put batteries in this unit. Had it on red fox distress for not even 2 min and had a coyote almost come in the yard barkin at me… excellent sound very satisfied cant wait to use it on a night hunt.”  —  GC350

“Received my GC 500 electronic today. I have to say, I am very impressed with the call. The fit and finish are spot on. I like the function and simplicity of the remote. The only thing I wish come with the call was an ICOtec hat so I could wear it hunting, lol.  No really, I’d really appreciate a hat to advertise for you guys. Keep up the good work.”  —  GC500

“Works great…Good price, compared to Foxpro.”  —  GC300

“The price was acceptable and the caller is the total BOMB !!!! I also own the smaller one so was totally excieted to be able to get this one !!”  —  GC500

“For the price you can’t go wrong!!! I love this caller!!! The remote range is awesome and the sounds are second to none!!!  —  GC500

“Nice volume, realistic calls. Easy to use. Husband and Grand son love it. Great value for the money.”  —  GC300

“It’s like giving a 10 year old a drum set…gotta love it.”  —  GC300

“Sounds are very clear and accurate! Remote works like a charm!”  —  GC300

“I purchased the ICO tech Call of the Wild Predator call for my son for Christmas.. He loved it, and said he had seen some like it that were very expensive. I didn’t tell him what a great deal I got on it. Shhhhh….”  –GC300

“Why does anyone buy the more expensive electronic callers when this one does it all? I took this out for the first time yesterday and owned the valley with it! Very realistic and full sound with this caller and the calls were echoing through the valley. Beautiful. The calls filled the valley and I was blown away at how well it worked for the price. No, I didn’t call in a coyote since this was an impromptu stand I made on the fly with my six year old (who can’t be quiet or sit still). Worth every penny and I’m sure this is the best value for any electronic being marketed. Save your money and pass on the “high-end” e-callers since the value of this unit is off the charts.”  —  GC300

“Works as promised. Now I just need to get out and calls in some predators!!”  —  GC300

“Great Price! Works Perfectly!”  —  GC300
“Sounds are very clear and accurate! Remote works like a charm!”  —  GC300

“Purchased for my father for his birthday, he has talked about this caller and how well it works over and over. He loves it and it was a great purchase for my outdoor enthusiasts of a dad.”  —  GC300

“Excellent value for this price range; very impressed.”  —  GC300

“Call selections are good.  Operating range of remote is very good.  Meets all expectations.  I would, and have recommended to others.” –GC300

“Hey guys, I’m very satisfied with my GC350. (I got it for Christmas) We took it out Monday night and tagged a Coyote within 8 minutes of turning the switch on. It was awesome! (I’ve never been that lucky) Looking forward to more hunts with it.”  Thanks LL
“Thanks Icotec and Chuck from customer service had an issue with a purchase from a retailer. Not only did they make it right they made sure that it was taken care of right away. Couldn’t be happier this call is amazing and I seen it work the first day. Went out cause I couldn’t wait to try it. I recommend not trying this in your apartment like I did cause it is loud…… Turned the crow baby distress call on the GC300 and called in 400 crows in matter of minutes. And of course in my haste to head out didn’t think too bring a gun just in case. Bad idea not only did they come in they stayed above us for a good 10 mins and kept getting lower. Cant wait too use it on those pesky coyotes this year if it worked that good for crows I cant wait too see what it does to them. Great product, great customer service realistic calls and loud. Only problems is now I will wanna buy the newer models. First electronic caller ever owned and so far I love it!”

“My son pulled the call out of the  Christmas morning, shoved some batteries in and I’m not kidding we had a coyote and a bobcat behind our place within 5 minutes.  I have never seen a bobcat in person and did not know they were in the area.  We have played with the crow call to have crows circulating the house. Just an awesome product, we look forward to years of hunting and picture taking.”  Thanks Brian  —  GC300

“I have used this thing one time and i am highly impressed. I took a buddy of mine along on the hunt he has hunted with 500$ fox pros before and he said sound qualities are just the same as a fox pro. We called two coyotes out with it. Cant wait to hunt some more with it.”  —  GC300

“Super loud. Beware of mad neighbors. Great for big open country.”  — GC300

“This units really performs….it brings the coyotes to almost hand shaking range. Had three come in within 20 feet…amazing unit.”  —  GC300

“Hubby loves it. Took out 3 coyotes in one sitting.”  –GC300

“Very impressed ,first time out a hawk came in and the next night after about 2 or 3 min of calling a fox came running in.  I have gone out 5 times and had results all but once.  Don’t hesitate buy it!  The distress is so realistic predators can’t resist it!  Just be aware of wind direction!”  —  GC300

“My first predator hunt in S. Texas and in my first 15 minutes I bagged a coyote and then a bobcat.”  — GC300

“Kudos to you and your product. My son opened up his call, stuck in some batteries and let the rabbit call loose. Within 5 minutes we had a bobcat on the edge of our place @ 50yrds. This is the first bobcat we have ever seen in person. Unbelievable experience and only possible through your product.”  Thanks Brian

“Hi Chuck, this is Terry I talked to you last week on working with transferring files just wanted to let you know I got that accomplished.  More importantly called in my first fox Saturday evening just after dark my fault didn’t get it,  I wasn’t prepared at how fast it came in and then left just as fast. I set the call out at 70 yards work like a champ!   Me and my buddy took his son 15 years old with us he had a ball that’s success in all ways. Thanks again!”

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the GC350.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sounds on the included SD card and the speaker quality!  I really had much lower expectations, given the price of this unit!  I was also happy about the range of the remote, a true 300 yards…I tested it at that distance and it worked flawlessly!I have been using a home-made e-caller with a power horn speaker and have not been happy because of “crackle” at higher volume.  I tried the same speaker, plugged into the speaker jack on the GC350 and WOW!!! I can probably call coyotes from the next county! No crackle, no hiss, just clean, high quality sounds! 🙂 Thanks ICOtec for making a high quality product for sportsmen, at a reasonable price!!!!!!”

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new call, the remote works great at long distance  as advertised, the sound is clear and loud, and the quality is right up there with the high dollar calls.  Called in crows and three coyotes first time out. We took my call and compared it next to a Foxpro Fusion.  At 100 yards we tested each call and asked people to tell us which call was better. Seven out of ten picked the ICOtec.  I am a true believer and I am willing to write and commend this product with utmost confidence. Keep up the good work guys its just a matter of time before everyone sees the the truth.  Thanks” — GC350

“I just had to tell you that this call works great. 1st set out with it and I called in a big Bobcat with the rabbit distress call. I always used mouth calls before, but not anymore, this is an A-1 call. Thanks for a great product.”  Allen  —  GC300

“Great little caller. Good sound/calls,  all work for calling coyote. Good battery life so far. Has external speaker jack if highest volume isn’t enough for you and lanyard to carry controller around neck is a good idea, which it comes with. Can’t beat it at this price and free shipping.”  —  GC300

“Right out of the box I was immediately impressed that this call was made of quality constructed materials. This is no toy like some of the other products that we’ve all purchased. The range is outstanding, you can place the caller over a hill, thru trees at unbelievable ranges and get immediate activation from the remote. I have only used it on crows so far, as our season is just getting started. In less than a minute I had no less than 25 crows swooping in well within shotgun range. I love it! I am so excited to try it on the yote population as soon as the temps cool down. I strongly recommend this call.”  —  GC300

“I love this thing. The first time i used it a coyote came within 3 minuets, using the
coyote/rabbit distress calls together.”  __ GC300


“Purchased as a gift – recipient loved it!” — GC300

“I haven’t hunted with it yet, but I have tested it on some crows and even called a hawk in with the cottontail distress. Seems to work pretty well so far. Haven’t had a chance to test on coyotes or any other predators. I did use this to mess with a drunk family member one night and had them convinced they were communicating with a nearby pack of coyotes. That alone was worth the full price of this call. Remote worked well over 100 yards from call. Only complaint would be that volume can only be adjusted while a sound is being played.”  —  GC300

“So far I am completely impressed and blown away by the sound that this e-caller produces. I will be 100% honest  in saying that i was very skeptical of a less known brand at a fraction of the cost of a similar featured “fox pro”.  However, so far those concerns were quickly put to bed
#1 The fit and finish as well as build quality is top notch, I fully expected a cheap, lightweight piece of gear.  I can say its built solid, has some good weight (not too heavy though) the handle has a rubber grip that makes  carrying in the field a breeze. It’s small enough to toss into a gear bag though. The antenna is a fixed plastic  antenna that folds down to protect it from breaking when traveling.
#2 The sound quality is superb, volume is VERY loud when turned up without the speaker overthrowing  (crackling, breaking up), when I turned this on in my house (dumb idea) the dog FLIPPED out, my ears hurt until I turned it down and my neighbor immediately text me asking if I had a dieing yote in my house  haha (they had no idea that i had bought this ecaller yet). The sound is most certainly going to carry a very  long distance and bring those pups running in. It has 12 pre programmed prey sounds and you can  play 2 at a time if desired.
#3 The remote is small enough (but not small enough to lose) to clip on your duty belt, hang from a lanyard  (a cheap one is included) with your mouth calls or toss it in your vest or pockets. The only thing that
concerns me is the antenna on the remote (which is a little deceiving in the picture) is a metal telescoping antenna. I hope this will withstand normal wear and tear and would suggest they change this over to a  rubberized spring type of antenna so if dropped it will survive. The remote does have a clip and a matching  slot on the side of the body of the caller so they can travel together and not get separated, however, it is VERY  tight so separating the remote from the caller took a little effort. With a 300 yd range (no line of sight required)  you can set up your stand nice and far from the call.
#4 There is a 3.5mm jack on the back with a rubber cover that can be utilized to add external speaker(s)  if needed, so this will add some versatilty to this VERY affordable call. If you run a long cable to a battery  powered Jawbone Jambox for example (which i may try) you can probably call in more yotes from more  areas and when they come running in they will hear both locations of sound which may help in getting them  to stop moving to pin point the location long enough to make a clean shot.
#5 Simplicity is key here, the remote comes with a battery already, all thats required to be ready to call is  4x AA batteries. Battery life is supposed to be great with this particular unit, but i’ll be bringing backup  AAs just in case. All calls cycle through a pattern of natural pauses. It will play several seconds (30-40)  and then go silent (20-30) seconds and then play again indefinitely until you select stop. They do this to  eliminate the need for you to select stop and start several times per set.
I will be taking this out for a predator hunt in the next two weeks, I will update my review and let you guys  know how many yotes and bobcats we called in with it.
Stay Safe out there!”  —  GC300

“I have been very pleased with my GC300 predator call. It has ample volume and enough call selection to do the job. For the money it’s pretty hard to beat.”
“This unit is great. Can not believe its low price.”  —  GC300

“Overall, I am very pleased with the game call. I bought it mainly for crows and it does an excellent job. Some of the other calls, I am not so sure about but have not tried them out in the wild. Very loud and easy to set up and use. I think this was a very good product for the money and would purchase again.”
“Great value. No issues whatsoever. Works as well as some of the higher end models I have used.” — GC300

“Works great, easy to use, can’t wait to use it again.”  —  GC101
“Works great. Extremely fast shipping. Thx”  — GC300
“The price was acceptable and the caller is the total BOMB !!!! I also own the smaller one so was totally excited to be able to get this one !!”  —  GC500

“Just got the model GC300 took it out last night north western Pennsylvania ! It did amazing, no walk on  killing anything, a lot of coyotes coming in though! So far I am completely satisfied!”
“I’m a photographer.  The first time I used it two coyotes came within 40 feet of where I was hidden.”  —  GC300

“Not a bad caller for the price.  Nice and compact and has your basic sounds.  Good beginner caller
if your just getting into predator calling.”  —  GC300

“I’ve had it for about 6 months now and it is still working great. It definitely brings in
the coyotes and crows.”  —  GC300

“Great product works well.”  — GC300

“I bought this for my nephew and he has called in 4 fox, 1 coyote, and a mountain lion. I think this call is great for the money. It works, great for what it is intended for. If you want to try calling without spending a lot I would recommend this call.”  — GC101
“Great product! I have only called one coyote into the call during the day so far. But as you know coyotes are not dumb creatures. Best price I could find on a quality product. Thanks!” — GC300

“Worked perfectly. I was able to use multiple calls at the same time to help draw in game. I bagged my first ‘yote with the call the second time I used it. The belt clip makes it very portable for stalking multiple locations. I did not have any issues with the signal not working. I store it with the batteries out to prevent battery wear down.” —  GC101

“Nice and loud, even in the Kansas wind. Called in a few coyotes. Sounds are realistic. Remote works from a 100 yards.” —  GC300

“Easy to use, 12 good calls, loud speaker.”

“This works so good.  I have used the big dollar ones and this works just as good.”

“This is a great little call especially for the price! The remote works perfectly and the volume is extremely loud. The calls included seem to be a good enough variety but of course not being able to add to them or change them for others is the really only negative thing about this call. But for under $100 what do you expect. You get the basic calls any predator hunter would really need and anything else beyond those is really just for show. If you’re on a budget but want to try out an electric caller them I highly recommend this one!”  —  GC300

“Spot on, class act!”

“Used the crow distress call and it drove them crazy!”

“Clear sound that carries pretty far. Taking it out this weekend for the first time in the field. Goofing off I tried the crow in the back yard nothing was in site, within three minutes had a dozen birds checking it out. Will give second review after actual field use.”

“Well worth the purchase +++”

“I used the device and loved the multiple call option. Called a big dog in the first time we used it. Very satisfied.”

“My Husband is an avid hunter.  He loved this.  The sounds are amazing and works great!”

“Just like to say I bought my. ICOtec GC300 last week and shot my first coyote using it on Friday the 25th I called 2 in great call I love it and it is very affordable and works!”

“Gave this to a friend who was an avid hunter. he really enjoyed using it.”

“Great value for price. Volume is adequate. Remote range is better than expected. Compact and light,  Sound quality is descent. If you cant afford the primos alphadog this is a great alternative.”

—–This is the 100th 5 Star Rating on Amazon.com!—–  Our competition doesn’t even have 100 reviews!”Better than expected, I would rate this caller as good as those costing twice as much.  The calls and volume control were excellent, the only minor problem was with the battery door, it took a little effort to open and close….”

“Your call is badass!  Second animal I killed with it.”

“I didn’t even own the unit for 4 hours; took it out for the first time and called in a bobcat”

“This was a gift for my brother’s hunting property.  He said that it does exactly what he wanted it for. Sounds like a win to me.”

“This call surprised me, I didn’t think for the price it would have sounded so good.  I haven’t
used it afield yet but I tested it and all functions work.  The remote works fine and an added bonus  is that one can use two calls at the same time for added luring and the volume is higher than I thought, all in all for the money it’s a nice entry level call.” (GC101)
” The Coyotes will come running to this call!”

“Happy with the Predator 2 GC 101. Very surprised of quality for the price.  Its surprisingly loud  and easy to carry.”
“Cant wait to try it.  Light weight and compact.  Sounds great.  Like the ways the controller
attaches to the caller.”

“To try it out I used the crow call.  We hadn’t seen or heard any all day, with in 30 seconds of playing the distress call we had at least a dozen crows overhead.  Love this call.”
“This call is cheap and works great.  Have hunted several times with it so far and am happy with it. Remote has great range and it’s easy to use.”

“This call is everything you need to bring in any and all predators in my neck of the woods.  Much louder than I would’ve thought to be so small.  Would definitely buy again.”

“Ordered this unit from Amazon. Got too me 3 days later.  Took it out to the woods fo the first test. Super loud.  Sounds realistic.  After about 45 minutes of the cottontail in distress I called in a black bear. Has a super long 300 yd range.  Love this thing!!!”

“First time out called in a big one. It sounds great and easy to use. price is low so I didn’t think it would work as good. Was i wrong. Have told and showed all my friend the call. They all want one now. Trying for a bobcat next time.”

“Nice unit works really well has a lot of nice features and very loud for its size very happy with purchase.”

“The quality of the game call is fantastic. I have a friend who has a different brand game call and it is not as good quality.”

“After receiving the ICOtec it was everything I thought it would be based on other reviews.
It was simply to setup (put batteries in). No programming required, just place the unit out near
where you want to call and press or select the call you want. It worked the first time, is well constructed. One of the main reasons I purchased this unit was because of the (250 + Yards) of remote access. Worked like it was supposed to and at considerably less cost, in affect, ICOtec has no competition! Produced loud realistic sounds and will bring in those little burgers close…”

“Took this call out yesterday (April 10, 2014; got it Monday April 08, 2014) and it works perfect!
You can’t beat this call for the money. Called in several coyotes like they were on a string.
Plenty loud enough for any situation. I called in two from about 400 yards away. Easy! Killed my first one at about 50 yards from me and only 4 steps from the call! This thing works wonderful! My suggestion is….buy this call before spending hundreds on any other. You won’t regret it. I’m Very, very satisfied with it. Can’t wait to get out there and do it again. This call is AWESOME!!!!”

“Called in a grey fox with this in the first 10 minutes awesome call for the money has not failed,
good remote range!”

“This is my second one purchased …..love it !”

“Used several times just in my backyard. The crow distress had 8 crows circling over my position. The first time  I tried the coyote puppy distress a coyote came running across my yard! Caught me by surprise!  You cannot go wrong for the price!”

“Put the batteries in it and had crows flying all over me in my back yard just trying it out. The first time out  called in grey fox and coyote. Love this call!”

“First time out with my ICOtec the other day first set 2 coyotes came in, moved to do another set up and called in a lone yote, 3 coyotes in less than 2 hours you’re caller is awesome!”

“As described! Works great for the money! Have called in two bobcats and a couple of dogs!!

Looking forward to more time with it.”

“Great price! Works better then I thought it would for the price! Remote range is well over 300 yards long.”

“Good call for the money. First day in I called up 2 coyotes and killed one. Meets all the expectations.”

“Gave it a 5 star for the price. Have taken it out for a few months now and have had a lot of luck set up the call and used the remote between 50-100 yards and works great.  Also called in a lot of coyotes and even some red tail fox can’t beat it for the price.” – GC101

“I was worried that this thing was too small to call anything in but I needed a portable unit because I hike long distances. On my first time out with it I called in a grey fox mid day with the cottontail distress. Needless to say I was impressed.” – GC101

“I like the size and it was louder than I thought it would be! I give it 5 stars for ease of use.” – GC101

“I was just trying to see of it was going to work. Within 10 min I had a red fox run up and actually lick the speaker. Really exceeded my exceptions.” – GC101

“I did a bunch of research beforehand and I liked the price but I didn’t like people’s reviews on it. I went out on a limb and bought it. All I have to say about this product is that it is awesome and it works like its suppose to. I’ve already called in many yotes with it. Would recommend for anyone on a budget trying to find a great predator call!”

“I have never hunted with an electric game call in my life. I ordered the call because it was within my budget and the reviews were good. The call came in withing 5 days. I took it out the first Saturday morning after I got it and within 30 minutes, a large bobcat stepped out at about 75 yards. I love this thing!!!  I will continue to use it and recommend it to anyone!!!”

“This call does work even had a coyote try to bite the call. This was our first call and I am very happy, have only used the rabbit distress. Too bad all the coyotes we shot had mange except for 1.”

“Compact, lightweight and good volume. Called coyote in first time we tried it. Got my vote. I would recommend it, good call to start with if your wanting to see if you like this type of hunting. We’re hooked!”

“Called in coyote the first time I used this product. I would recommend this to anyone. The only thing I see wrong is the installing of batteries could be a little difficult but not really a big deal, I would purchase this item again.”

“Have called in 3 coyotes 1 bobcat (on a very windy day) and 5 mule deer does they came right on in until about 75 yards away. Was using the jack rabbit mode and switched to the coyote mode ,the deer stopped and were looking at the spot where the call was placed and then turned and walked back over the hill. All in 4 times out calling.Have never seen anything like that before. Have been calling with hand and electronic calls since 1959. This call works great. The only thing I noticed was that is shines in the morning sun so used some flat camo paint on it.”

“I think the speakers on it are right where they need to be more than enough power and doesn’t distort the sound any the grey fox distress and woodpecker distress at the same time is my new favorite combo and is the cats meow.”

“I’ve never really know how to coyote hunt, I’ve known the basics.  I’ve just never done it due to the fact I’ve never had a call.  I went out the first weekend and called in 3 coyotes within an hour.  Must get!!!”

“Here is an honest review. Got the new caller after a couple weeks after being ordered. Weather played a big part in the delivery but once received and batteries installed it did not work. Called ICOtec, and they shipped a new one in two days in my hands.  Chuck over at the factory worked closely in seeing that I was happy with my purchase.  I have been coyote hunting for over 40 years with all types and manners of calls. I was reserved about paying such a low price for a caller but I am first to admit that this is one of the best on the market for the price.”

“I live in Indiana, and weather here this winter is not at all the best for calling in dogs but that being said, the caller has worked for the last two weeks with any problems at all. Remote works as stated..no problems age. I am still using same batteries that were installed at purchase and have over 15 hrs of calling in extreme cold weather.”

“This is not a long range caller, it will do the job and do it at a reasonable price. Me and my son just spend four days hunting in Anderson, Indiana under the worst of conditions, snow,rain, extreme cold weather and this ICOtec 300 worked just as good or sometimes even better than the caller my son was using which he had paid more for than I did.
So the bottom line is…a great electronic CALLER for the price. It will do the job and do it very well and that as a hunter is all we can ask for. For the record, my caller called in 3 yokes, and Chris’s caller called in 1. So over all I would buy another one..that is the bottom line…Happy Hunting and lets get them there dogs… Roger the Dog getter….”

“I’ve dispatched 10 coyotes since I got it. I love it because it’s small, good controls, can put it out front 100 yards and wait to see how many show up for the dance!”

“Very light weight…very easy to use….the calls are clear and genuine. You will be able to varmint hunt and crow hunt with this one. I haven’t tested it out to the max distance. THIS THING GETS LOUD for running off of AA’s… Buy rechargables and have a spare set of throw aways if need be. Remote mounts onto caller. I used one of the coyote calls and had dogs barking from over a mile away. I’m sure the neighbors were very happy.”

“This unit is smaller than it looks and fits easily in a backpack. Highly recommended as a starter call or as a backup to a more expensive caller.”

“Just getting started in predator hunting. This call is definitely a quality unit, and it won’t break the bank. Tested the range in actual hunting scenarios, and the call works to 300 yards just as advertised. Sounds are clear.
“I saw this item reviewed in a magazine that I have subscribed to for years and their product evaluations are pretty dead on right. The price was outstanding compared to what you get and very good with regards to other callers on the market. I am giving it as a Christmas present to an avid hunter so I am sure he will love it.”

“I love this call. I am a beginner and called in multiple coyotes with this call on different sounds. Thank You.”

“Shopped around for differing callers and finally settled on this one to try it out. We really like it and it works as advertised. First time we went out and tried the distressed rabbit recording it brought in hawks and ‘yotes.  Even called in an old tom cat that we had to dispatch. This caller exceeds expectations and is very well built.”

“This call is a very good bargain and best of all, it works. Took it out four times and called in three coyotes and two of them didn’t get to return to their den. I am very pleased with this call.”

“Great electronic call. I don’t see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on (OTHER) devices. This call does what I need for a fraction of the cost.”

“My husband specifically asked for this call for his birthday. I’ve seen the remote calls in the outdoor stores for hundreds of dollars so I was skeptical about this one. Not anymore! He has only used it for calling in coyotes so far but has been successful every time!! Mind you I also got him a quiver critter decoy that he uses in conjunction, but it really does work. It’s such a great feeling to have given him something he wanted AND have it actually work like it’s supposed too. None of the stores in my area carried this particular call, but my husband had found it online at a different site. I was so happy when I found it on Amazon for an even better deal! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!”

“This e-caller is light to carry and has a comfortable handle. The speaker puts out plenty of volume even on those windy days in the desert. The only down side to it is that it only has twelve sounds on the remote. But to counter that, these sounds are the ones that I usually use anyway. It also allows you to play two sounds at the same time so you can vary your calling sounds. The only difference between this affordable e-caller and the $700 units is the amount of sounds available to you. At one point, I accidentally broke the clip on the back of the remote. I called the service center and was greeted by a very nice and polite person. With no questions asked, they immediately sent me another clip. In other words, they have a great service dept. I love this e-caller. I’m glad they made it as there is no way in my lifetime that I would ever pay $700 for one of the more famous e-callers. Thank you Icotec!”

“The ICOtec call was an exceptionally good value. It has great sounds and a very low price, I very much like this call. I would recommend this call to anyone starting out varmint hunting or that needed a good back-up E-caller. This call could use more sounds but for the money it is great.”

“I started seeing more and more game camera pics of Coyote’s on my deer hunting land, so I thought I’d try my hand at calling them in. I played the woodpecker in distress a few times and within five minutes I had a coyote moving into the area about a hundred yards away. I attempted one shot and wasn’t sure if I hit him because of the thick cover. I waited about ten or fifteen minutes and played the same call again with the same results. Here came another coyote (ended up being the same one I took a shot at previously), but he came in closer to the caller this time. When he got to within thirty-five yards I fired one down range and missed! I fired off two more rounds and missed again! I had my chance and blew it! I checked my scope later and found it to be off just a few inches upward and to the left. You can get away with that when hunting deer, but with such a small target there is no room for error. On top of that this is a target that was on the move continually. Looks like the caller will do its job, but you better be prepared to do yours, I sure wasn’t. Better get back to the range and hone my skills a little more.“— Online Customer
“This call is loud, lightweight and easy to use. The sound and volume will blow you away and at a fraction of the cost of big name calls. The remote allows you to conceal your self up to 300 feet away and it works from that range.“
— Online Customer
“I got this call and was surprised by the compact size. This call is not as load with only a 5 watt speaker. But for the type of hunting I do in swamps and hardwood ridges, it should work fine. This item was in my price range.“
— Online Customer
“I bought this for my Dad who is an aid hunter and has been for years. With that being said, he is extremely particular about his calls. I was hesitant at first but went for it and am glad I did. He really likes the call  and as per him, it sounds like a real call.“
— Online Customer
“This low priced, compact little caller [GC101] is perfect for someone who wants to get started in predator calling.The price is hard to beat and it works very well. I measured 100 yards and the call responded to the remote every time.  It doesn’t blast the country side with ear splitting howls like the $200-$400 dollar units but for the price of this unit, it can’t be beat and it is more than adequate to call in a critter.“
— Online Customer
“ Used this [GC101]  just a couple days ago and called in a dog. Works great long range. Very impressed, wasn’t expecting it to work so fast he just came running up right to it. I would recommend this to everyone.“
— Online Customer
“ Great caller. Set it up and within 5 minutes I had the first coyote. Highly recommended. “— Online Customer
“This caller works great in the northeast farmlands (Western NY). Very surprised at how long the batteries last in it also. Awesome value at a fraction of the cost of the “top end” callers. Highly recommend it! “
— Online Customer
“There is no need to spend anymore for a predator call. I live in Ky and hunt coyotes year around. This thing works flawlessly. Is very loud and has a great range on the remote control. “
— Online Customer
“I really like this call. I’ve used it while crow hunting and coyote hunting. You really can operate the call from 300 yards away. I’ve killed several crows with it. I really don’t know how to hunt coyote. So, it’s not the call’s fault that I haven’t killed any.”
— Online Customer
“I’m from Indiana I have coon hunted since the age of 10 and decided this year I would take up coyote hunting. I knew very little about coyote hunting when I started, but using the GC300 made me feel like a pro. Needless to say I have been slaying Yotes all winter. And my hunting buddies who were using your competitor versions have put those away and we only take the GC300 now. Well done to all of you for producing such a great product. I will be a life long customer and look forward to seeing what you guys come out with next!!!” — Brian
“The very first set up I made with my ICOtec GC300 brought in a big ‘ol male coyote to 40 yards. It just couldn’t resist that cottontail rabbit call, I moved about 2 miles down the road and set up again, turned on the call and here comes 2 more, it was a bad day for the dawgs but there sure was some happy farmers.  When you hunt on a budget like I do you need gear that will work and not break the bank, and this is one of those products. Thanks for such a great product.”  –   Jeffery
“I tried the icotec GC300 for the first time just before dark. I called in this nice bobcat..The call worked great, volume was very good.” – Thanks Joe
“I took the GC300 to the woods the same night it came in the mail, and after a few tries with the male howl I got a hit then I went into the pack howls and got an immediate response, waited a few minutes and the injured rabbit call brought ’em in. 2 less coyotes, need I say more? I would recommend this call for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank but wants something that actually works as it should. The remote works very well at over 100yds and the sound quality is really believable, glad I made the choice.”- loggerman2212
“This GC300 is great , called a Red Fox all the way to the back door of my barn in less than one minute. Thanks for a great product .” — Charlie
“I have been around the predator hunting industry for 15 years now. I have used just about every e-call on the market, I wish the ICOtec GC300 would have been out on the market when I was filming and producing predator hunting DVDs. It is for sure the best call on the market in its price range, the simplicity and functionality of the caller makes it a home-run. I will be using it from here out.” — Travis Alzate/Fur Collector
“I live in Northeast Texas — when I got the unit [GC300], I opened my back door and turned it on crow distress, I have a lot of crows. Man they went nuts!! I really like this unit.”  — Bill
“It [GC300] seems to have plenty of volume and sounds great.”  –  Randy
“As stated, the range on the remote (GC100) is 100 yards, I actually took it to about 125 or maybe 130 yards with line of sight and no obstructions — it could go further. The small size is what I like most of all, ideal for those grab and go hunts as I call it. We have a few areas where coyotes travel quite regularly..”   –  J Stewart
Thank you for producing an affordable game call.  I have had my eye on another unit for years, but couldn’t justify the high price tag for something that will get little use.  – David
My son and I have both used the call and have good results. Nice call and we will continue to carry it.Very nice product!!  — Thanks, Jim
Both units (GC100 & GC101) worked very well. I was very pleased with the remote control range and they both proved very reliable. —  Dan, Michigan