If your newly purchased ICOtec game call is not working properly, here are a few things to try before contacting ICOtec Customer Service.

1: Remote Battery:

The GC101XL, GC300, GC320 and GC350 callers utilize an A23 12volt battery. There is a possibility the battery could be low or dead. If the LED power indicator light on the remote is not lighting up when a call button is pressed and held, or if the light flashes, that means the battery is low and needs replaced. An A23 battery is available at many retail stores that carry a selection of batteries. A23 batteries are commonly used in garage door openers.

2: Battery Installation:

Check and make sure the AA batteries installed in the speaker unit are new and properly installed. A single backwards battery still pushes enough current to light the power indicator light but the unit but not enough to power the amplifier. Because rechargeable batteries are not frequently replaced and reduce power capacity over time, we recommend simple AA 1.5 volt batteries in your ICOtec equipment, they are affordable and our battery consumption rate is very conservative.

3: Pairing Remote to Unit:

The GC300, GC320 and GC350 remote and unit leave the factory paired for communication, however it is possible that pairing could be interrupted. Turn the base unit power on, with a paper clip, depress the pairing button, located in the tiny hole beside the on/off switch, while depressing and holding in on button press and hold a call button on the remote simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds. Once the communication is reestablished you will hear a call from the speaker.

4: Checking the Speaker:

All power indicator lights are working properly but you still have no sound, with the models GC300 and GC320, plug a set of ear buds or headphones into the external speaker port to check for sound coming through them, DO NOT PLACE HEADPHONES OR EAR BUDS IN YOUR EARS WHILE TESTING FOR SOUND, THE SOUND IS VERY LOUD AND COULD CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR HEARING, if you hear sound through the external port, the main speaker is potentially the issue and you will need to contact ICOtec Customer Support. With the GC350 and 500 make sure power is off, remove the SD card and turn power on, the caller should speak to you telling you to “Please insert SD card”, if the caller does not, then main speaker is potentially the issue. Contact ICOtec Customer Support for instructions for warranty coverage or repair instructions.

5: SD Card:

If you have tested for the batteries and the speaker and are still not getting calls through your GC350 or GC500, the next step is to determine if the SD card is working properly. Using a Microsoft based PC ONLY, DO NOT USE A MAC COMPUTER, you will need plug the unit into the computer with the provided USB cable to access the files on the SD card. Once you find the drive that has the ICOtec sound files, copy and paste the files into an empty backup folder on your desktop, you will need to access them again later, be sure this step is completed prior to reformatting the SD card. Next, you’ll need to format the SD card to erase any possible errors. Be sure to format the card to FAT or FAT32 format and copy/paste the sound files back on to the main root of the SD card. Files can’t be placed into a folder on the SD card, they will not play. With the GC500 the remote will need to be updated via the supplied synchronization cable (3.5mm double male ends).

If none of these troubleshooting options correct your issue you’re having with the unit, then contact the ICOtec Customer Support by either calling: 419 450-3566 or emailing us at

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