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ICOtec® GC350 Programmable Predator Call

  • Call Features:

    • Program up to 24 calls on an SD card
    • Up to 300 yard remote control range
    • No line-of-sight required to operate the unit
    • Activate an electronic decoy from the remote
    • External speaker jack for added volume for extreme requirements
    • Includes 24 calls
    • Plays any .mp3 or .wav (16 bit or less) files
    • No limit to file time length
    • Uses Class 4 standard size SD cards, up to 4GB
    • Unit requires 4 AA 1.5 volt batteries, not included
    • Remote requires one A23 battery
    • Download directly to unit or to the SD card, cord included
    • One year factory warranty
    • FREE Call Library Access

The GC350 offers an outstanding remote technology, up to 300 yards with no line-of sight required to activate the main speaker unit. The ability for a hunter to remain still and camouflaged the best they can is crucial to being more successful at hunting keen predators. The remote control also has the ability to activate an electronic decoy that can plug into the main speaker unit, giving the hunter another edge over the predator. Suggested product ICOtec AD400 decoy.

Programmability is made easy with the new GC350. All calls are loaded and played directly from a standard size Class 4 SD Media Card. Any custom audio file saved as a .mp3 or a .wav (16 bit or less) file format can be played by the GC350. ICOtec has an exclusive FREE audio call library that is accessible from our website. All free calls are encrypted and playable ONLY by an ICOtec programmable caller.

The unit requires 4 AA (1.5 volt batteries) and the remote requires one 23A 12 volt battery. AA batteries not included. USB connection cable is included. Windows PC computer downloads recommended. Light weight, compact, easy to operate, fantastic quality audio calls, very long range remote, low power consumption and one of the lowest prices available for a great programmable call. The ICOtec GC350 is how predator calling was intended to be. Dead Serious!




Calls Included:

Coyote Female
Coyote Yip/Howl
Coyote Male
Coyote Pup Distress
Jack Rabbit Distress
Cottontail Distress
Gray Fox Distress
Red Fox Distress
Timber Wolf Pup Distress
Timber Wolf Alpha Howl
Mouse Voles
Adult Bobcat
Bobcat In Heat
Raccoon Pup Distress
Crow Distress
Crow & Barred Owl
Woodpecker Distress
Snow Geese Flying
Snow Geese Feeding
Wild Turkey Tom Gobbles
Wild Turkey Hen Chirps
Fawn Distress
Whitetail Buck Grunt
Whitetail Snort Wheeze


*ALWAYS use new batteries from the store, not from a drawer. ALWAYS test your batteries prior to leaving the house, and ALWAYS take spare batteries with you hunting.

All calls cycle through a pattern of natural pauses. Your unit will play several seconds (30-40) and then go silent (30) seconds and then play again indefinitely until you select stop. This is to eliminate the need for you to select stop and start several times per set. You can make custom calls at any length and at the end of the sequence you will have an automatic 30 second pause based on the built-in firmware.

In the case your remote and speaker unit do not communicate, click this link for instructions.




ICOtec Becomes National Corporate Sponsor & Wildlife Partner QUWF

Buffalo, Missouri: “QUWF is addressing the opportunity to control predators like coyotes, raccoons and others with an additional hunting experience as part of a total biological plan for not only landowners but hunters who may lease or hunt on private lands” states Craig Alderman of QUWF. “As the only true multi-specie wildlife habitat organization in the nation we reached out to new partners to provide expertise, information, biological science and of course hunting techniques. We are very excited to announce ICOtec, not only a long time designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic predator calls, but an eager wildlife research partner as our newest national corporate sponsor” Craig announces.

“This is a super relationship with QUWF, ICOtec gets to assist first hand in predator research from the grass roots level, provide its technological and manufacturing support to new abilities, needs and potentially new calls for the landowner and hunter alike” states Chuck Ames, Marketing Manager of ICOtec. “Our products are time tested, field staff proven and are the right choice to stretch the hunters dollar for high quality products now dedicated to supporting predator control from a habitat and wildlife restoration perspective” Ames says. “ICOtec will be in the field, at their QUWF chapter banquets and events leading the way for another great hunting experience whose calling challenge is as great and heart pounding as anything afield.

“Biologically we know there are many factors in wildlife habitat management and therefore population densities. Habitat is not the 100% solution, neither is weather or predator control but they all are very important influences” states Nick Prough, QUWF Chief Wildlife Biologist and Wildlife Partnership Coordinator. “Trying to find the balance once habitat is improved and weather cooperates requires we look and plan for active predator control. ICOtec provides tremendous tools for us as hunters to use as well as research. We can easily see new digital wildlife calls coming from this type of research that will be available from ICOtec as a FREE download” Prough says.

As of June 2014, QUWF and its local chapters and members have impacted 2.6 million acres of wildlife habitat and it’s chapters spent $138 Million Dollars in their local communities. That is “Turnin-the-Dirt™”.

Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc.™ is the only Veteran Founded tax exempt 501(c)(3) conservation organization, serving its members and chapters nationwide. QUWF provides a strong local source of habitat focus on quail and all upland wildlife with population recovery. Millions of dollars of habitat work have been completed by its members over the years on millions of acres of both private and public lands. That work continues with a renewed vitality. Our chapters from coast to coast, provide the grass roots, local habitat work that is making a difference each and every day. For more information or to join QUWF please visit our website at www.quwf.net.


Customer Testimonials



“This is no lie, I walked out into the woods in NE Ohio. Set it to the distressed fawn, the first coyote came out within 10 minutes. 1 down added the distressed rabbit to go with fawn and shortly there after, a second one came in.

Very Impressive. I would recommend this product. By the way I’m a first time coyote hunter and this caller, made it seem easy.”  — GC300


“Great call for the money, and exceptional customer service by ICOtec.
I would buy again.”  — GC300

“I got one and very pleased with it. First week of playing with it, i called in 5 coyote’s 1 bobcat and 2 red fox. I love it. Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.”  — GC300

“It is well worth the money. Worked great.”  — GC300

“I did a lot of research before I purchased the ICOtec. I hunt in the southeast, where hilly areas outnumber huge wide open flats. Volume level seems to be the most concern when people rate this caller bad. The volume is more than adequate for my needs, as a matter of fact, I have to be very concussion of the sound level and turn it down as coyotes and foxes work in closer.”  — GC350

“I have only used this call 4 times. All 4 times it has done its job and had them charging in. It called a 22 pound bobcat in shotgun range and 3 large Coyotes in to under 100 yards. It almost makes it too easy.”  — GC350

“This is my first predator call. The distance and volume are great. Simple to use.
I’m enjoying it. Great call for the money.”  — GC300

“Good stuff worked within 10 minutes!”  — GC300

“For the money can not be beat its loud crisp and clear and the remote works as stated first day out here in Illinois first set two coyotes second set two coyotes third set one Bob cat witch I couldn’t shoot because we don’t have a season for them yet I bought this call to fill in for my Western river that was stolen even though you can’t download sounds to it the sounds it has work very well like I said for the money can’t be beat.”  — GC300

“Bring on the Yotes!  This will call them all in!! Loud!!!”  — GC350

“I have used the ICOtec calls and I am really impressed with them. We will be using the GC500 call this weekend when we film another of our Outdoorsmen Adventures television series. ICOtec makes great calls, Ones that I and my crew have a lot of confidence in.”  — GC500

“I got one and very pleased with it. First week of playing with it, I called in 5 coyote’s 1 bobcat and 2 red fox. I love it. Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.  —  GC300

“The unit works wonderful, well worth the money, it works like they said it would.  The first time I had it out, I had coyotes all around me. The remote works great. Just install the batteries in the unit an your ready to go. Going to get another one. You don’t need to buy the high priced units.”  — GC300

“Its kind of neat but I didn’t get to shoot a coyote. That isn’t necessarily the callers fault. It does scare the geese away from my job, my boss might even buy one.”  — GC300

“Works great in the short time I’ve had it. Remote works at least 75 yards without the antennas up.”  — GC300

“ICOtec GC300 is the best thing I have ever come across. Gave me amazing results the first day I turned it on in the field.”  — GC300

“Just what I wanted. Just what I expected. Very good price. Sounds authentic. Just like the real deal. “  — GC300

“I got one and very pleased with it.  First week of playing with it, i called in 5 coyote’s, 1 bobcat and 2 red foxes.  I love it.  Realistic sound, and for the price you just cant ask for any better product.”  — GC300


“Very impressed with this call. Once I figured out where the coyotes were and what calls to use I was able to call in my first one. He responded to a male/female combo and I had to reposition myself because he was behind me and then a switched to rabbit distress.
Came in about 2 minutes later. I smoked him at about 50 feet. I hunt in the woods close to a very noisy farm so evenings work better because I’m not competing with all the other animal noises. I highly recommend this call.”  GC 300

“Wife ordered for Christmas for me, from Amazon. Works really well. It’s not the top of the line predator call, but it is a good predator call. Could be louder, but she could have paid a lot more too. Does give a decent variety of sounds, of which you can play two at a time. For a first time predator call, I would recommend people definitely trying it out.”  — GC300

“This is a great call for the money. I called a coyote in the first time I used it.”  — GC300

“Good volume the remote is good the buttons work well. This unit has good quality sounds. It has good battery life Just a overall good unit.”  GC500

“This is a must have unit. I just started hunting coyotes and my first time out with caller I called in the biggest yote I’ve ever seen within 10 minutes of turning on the wounded rabbit! Enough said!  — GC300

“For the money it gives just as realistic calls as the expensive ones.”  — GC300

“This game call is the real deal for the money! it has terrific volume, the remote works out to 250 yards. Quality is good .you cannot find a better value for game calls costing twice the amount of money!” — GC350

“I am a professional predator hunter and wanted to try this caller out for the simple reason if I hunt an area more than once over a three week period the yote’s and cougars seem to get to know the sounds that my fox pro or primo’s put out.  Out of the 8 callers I have this worked as good or better “probably better” than my others especially for the price.  As far as the volume it puts out that I have read other owners talk about, it’s all you need!! A lot of volume is not necessarily a good thing, perhaps on high wind days other than that I have ran off many a yote in my early days sounding like a ten foot rabbit. Remember your on there turf and if it’s not natural or investigative to em you won’t call many in unless there young.  Caller is user friendly, and will do everything you need it too. Tom “predator inc”  — GC350

“Works every time.”  — GC300

“Awesome caller for money! Remote works really far too.”  — GC300

“For the money it gives just as realistic calls as the expensive ones.”  –GC300

“I just want to thank you guys for a great affordable product, I talk to the icotec guys at the wild turkey deer expo in Columbus Ohio on Saturday and they were very nice and helpful.”

“Excellent call. Loud, good range, and simple to use.”  — GC300

“This is a great call. Sounds just as good as a FoxPro. Using two call sounds at the same time doesn’t really sound good in my opinion. But over all is a great call and well worth the money.”  — GC300

“Wacking dogs daily.”  — GC300

“First time using it, I called in two coyotes. Sounds great, and the remote works very well. Can’t beat it for the price.”  — GC300

“I have been bragging on the ICOtec GC300 since I bought it. The other day I set it up and add literally ten minutes had a coyote charging it. Then yesterday I took a friend who has never been predator hunting before and called up two bobcats from two hundred yards to about seventy. We killed both of them thanks to the ICOtec. I have friends that have Fox pros, and primos callers and I would put this product against there’s anytime. I have pictures of my kills with the call in it and was wondering if there’s some where I can post them and show this call works.” —  GC300

“Works awesome…just as good as the 400 dollar units..well worth the money.”  — GC300

“I haven’t actually used the caller in the field as of yet. I give it 4 stars based on customer reviews and price compared to other callers. I did initially receive a bad caller that had to returned. I received the second caller with no issues. The customer support from ICOtec was great when I called them about the problem I was having with the first caller.”  — GC300

“Awesome!!! further range and easier to add new calls than the foxpro, at a cheaper price!!
Highly recommend!”  –GC500

“Excellent call for the money..Extremely loud and life like sounds. The remote is very responsive,
even at long distances.”  –GC300

“Very nice call especially for the money. First time I pushed a call besides checking it out at the house I had a nice big coyote come charging in within three minutes. Great distance on the remote and loud enough and clear, well worth the money.”  –GC300

“Works great! Already brought in 2 coyote using this. Really like the clip on remote so you don’t misplace the remote lol.”  –GC300

“Works great, called in dog first 20 min. Cant beat the price.”  –GC300

“Call works but took a good while to get my first coyote. Switching from jack to cottontail. Coyote was trotting pretty hard to the call. If your night hunting red light is the only way to go.”  — GC300

“As soon as  fedex dropped it off.. the batteries were in.. and my first stand out, two Arizona greys come trotting in to ole jackrabbitt dist..!!! Realy like this caller!! Thanks for a great product..ICOTEC!!  ….Southeastern AZ predatorhunter….”  —  GC300

“The GC500 is a great caller, at least as good as my Primos AlfaDOGG which costs twice the price.”  —  GC500

“Item was just as described! 2nd outing with it and got a fox less than 10 mins. 3rd sitting and called a coyote within 5 mins. This thing is awesome for a reasonable price. Crows go crazy when you use the baby crow distress also.”  —  GC300

“I bought the GC300 and the Mojo critter and finally had the opportunity to take them out this afternoon.  I got out kinda late and only had time for one setup before dark.  I got set up on the edge of a field with the call and decoy about 50 yards from me and started with the rabbit in distress call.  About 3 minutes later 2 coyotes came in.  Got one of the yotes at about 60 yards. I couldn’t get on the second before it got into the brush.  Call sounds were clear and the volume was great.  I’m very pleased with this call and would recommend it.  I do wish it had the capability to load more sounds but for the price it’s an outstanding buy.”  — GC300

“This is a great call regardless of price. The first time I used it I called in a cougar to 45 yards and a coyote to within 30 yards. The sounds are clear and operation is very easy. The remote worked fine out to about 80-90 yards but I didn’t try it beyond that.”  —  GC300

“Very good caller, we use this as our primary caller. The rabbit in distress call has worked wonderful for coyotes and fox. We also use a fox pro as a secondary caller. I even called in some crows to my front porch this past weekend just messing around. We used this caller in -14 temperatures this past week it was our only electronic device that didn’t malfunction.”  —  GC300

“This is a great call , I killed a Bobcat with it.”  —  GC300

“I was somewhat concerned about how effective the call would be as the cost was so reasonable. I installed batteries in the main unit and took it out on our East deck and turned on the power.

This was 3:00 PM during the first week of Jan. 2015. I pressed the crow baby distress button with the volume at about mid range. The first crow appeared within 45 seconds, circled and flew off. Another 30 seconds and a flock of 35-40 crows arrived calling and raising Cain obviously upset, and looking for the source of the distress call. Extraordinary!”  —  GC300

“I’ve used the gc300 in the past and its never failed…so when I heard Icotec was coming out with a programable unit…I was excited…its a great caller and very easy to use. I recommend it highly…Russ”  —  GC500

“I do recommend, nice sounds, inexpensive , but good quality. Remote works very well, at good distances.”  —  GC300

“Love this game call! Portable enough! Sound is loud & love remote with 300 yard distance! Outstanding product for this Mississippi Family !!”  —  GC300

“For the price you can’t go wrong!!! I love this caller!!! The remote range is awesome and the sounds are second to none!!!  —  GC500

“For standard delivery it got here exceptionally fast.  At 2 pm I opened the package put batteries in this unit.  Had it on red fox distress for not even 2 min and had a coyote almost come in the yard barkin at me… excellent sound very satisfied cant wait to use it on a night hunt.”  —  GC350

“This thing is amazing took it to work because we are by a wet land to try out called in a fox in less then 20 min., range very good with remote,  good price.”  —  GC300

“I received the ICOtec GC300 Predator Call in a timely manner. The call was more than I expected for the price.  The call is comparable to other calls that are 2 or 3 times more. It is easy to use and I am excited to be able to use soon.”  —  GC300

“First time I used the predator call a huge bobcat came running out. Didn’t expect it and couldn’t even get a shot. The call is very loud and the remote works great.”  —  GC300

“This call is lightweight and easy to pack, but volume is adequate, especially on howls/ yips. . I love the long range remote, which causes the animals to pinpoint the sound and not you. The sounds are very realistic compared to previous callers I’ve used. First time out I called in a lone coyote with howls and yips, and got him in for a kill shot with the distressed rabbit. Ten minutes later I called again in the same area with the distressed pup call, and had two more come in from another direction. I switched back to distressed rabbit and got them in close enough to kill one. I am impressed so far.”  —  GC350

“Volume is adequate, especially on howls/yips. Sounds are much more realistic than another brand of caller I had. Took it out and called in a coyote within 5 minutes using howls to bring him out and distressed rabbit to bring him in for kill shot. Ten minutes later in same area I called in two more with coyote distress and distressed rabbit, and got a kill shot on one of them. So far, so good for me. Not so much for the coyotes.”  —  GC350

“Works as advertised. called in fox first time out.”  —  GC350

“For standard delivery it got here exceptionally fast. At 2 pm I opened the package put batteries in this unit. Had it on red fox distress for not even 2 min and had a coyote almost come in the yard barkin at me…excellent sound very satisfied cant wait to use it on a night hunt.”  —  GC350

“Received my GC 500 electronic today. I have to say, I am very impressed with the call. The fit and finish are spot on. I like the function and simplicity of the remote. The only thing I wish come with the call was an ICOtec hat so I could wear it hunting, lol.  No really, I’d really appreciate a hat to advertise for you guys.  Keep up the good work.”  —  GC500

“Works great…Good price, compared to Foxpro.”  —  GC300

“The price was acceptable and the caller is the total BOMB !!!! I also own the smaller one so was totally excieted to be able to get this one !!”  —  GC500

“For the price you can’t go wrong!!! I love this caller!!! The remote range is awesome and the sounds are second to none!!!  —  GC500

“Nice volume, realistic calls. Easy to use. Husband and Grand son love it. Great value for the money.”  —  GC300

“It’s like giving a 10 year old a drum set…gotta love it.”  —  GC300

“Sounds are very clear and accurate! Remote works like a charm!”  —  GC300

“I purchased the ICO tech Call of the Wild Predator call for my son for Christmas.. He loved it, and said he had seen some like it that were very expensive. I didn’t tell him what a great deal I got on it. Shhhhh….”  –GC300

“Why does anyone buy the more expensive electronic callers when this one does it all? I took this out for the first time yesterday and owned the valley with it! Very realistic and full sound with this caller and the calls were echoing through the valley. Beautiful. The calls filled the valley and I was blown away at how well it worked for the price. No, I didn’t call in a coyote since this was an impromptu stand I made on the fly with my six year old (who can’t be quiet or sit still). Worth every penny and I’m sure this is the best value for any electronic being marketed. Save your money and pass on the “high-end” e-callers since the value of this unit is off the charts.”  —  GC300

“Works as promised. Now I just need to get out and calls in some predators!!”  —  GC300

“Great Price! Works Perfectly!”  —  GC300

“Sounds are very clear and accurate! Remote works like a charm!”  —  GC300

“Purchased for my father for his birthday, he has talked about this caller and how well it works over and over. He loves it and it was a great purchase for my outdoor enthusiasts of a dad.”  —  GC300

“Excellent value for this price range; very impressed.”  —  GC300

“Call selections are good.  Operating range of remote is very good.  Meets all expectations.  I would, and have recommended to others.” –GC300

“Hey guys, I’m very satisfied with my GC350. (I got it for Christmas) We took it out Monday night and tagged a Coyote within 8 minutes of turning the switch on. It was awesome! (I’ve never been that lucky) Looking forward to more hunts with it.”  Thanks LL

“Thanks Icotec and Chuck from customer service had an issue with a purchase from a retailer. Not only did they make it right they made sure that it was taken care of right away. Couldn’t be happier this call is amazing and I seen it work the first day. Went out cause I couldn’t wait to try it. I recommend not trying this in your apartment like I did cause it is loud…… Turned the crow baby distress call on the GC300 and called in 400 crows in matter of minutes. And of course in my haste to head out didn’t think too bring a gun just in case. Bad idea not only did they come in they stayed above us for a good 10 mins and kept getting lower. Cant wait too use it on those pesky coyotes this year if it worked that good for crows I cant wait too see what it does to them. Great product, great customer service realistic calls and loud. Only problems is now I will wanna buy the newer models. First electronic caller ever owned and so far I love it!”

“My son pulled the call out of the  Christmas morning, shoved some batteries in and I’m not kidding we had a coyote and a bobcat behind our place within 5 minutes.  I have never seen a bobcat in person and did not know they were in the area.  We have played with the crow call to have crows circulating the house.  Just an awesome product, we look forward to years of hunting and picture taking.”  Thanks Brian  —  GC300

“I have used this thing one time and i am highly impressed. I took a buddy of mine along on the hunt he has hunted with 500$ fox pros before and he said sound qualities are just the same as a fox pro. We called two coyotes out with it. Cant wait to hunt some more with it.”  —  GC300

“Super loud. Beware of mad neighbors. Great for big open country.”  — GC300

“This units really performs….it brings the coyotes to almost hand shaking range. Had three come in within 20 feet…amazing unit.”  —  GC300

“Hubby loves it. Took out 3 coyotes in one sitting.”  –GC300

“Very impressed ,first time out a hawk came in and the next night after about 2 or 3 min of calling a fox came running in.  I have gone out 5 times and had results all but once.  Don’t hesitate buy it!  The distress is so realistic predators can’t resist it!  Just be aware of wind direction!”  —  GC300

“My first predator hunt in S. Texas and in my first 15 minutes I bagged a coyote and then a bobcat.”  — GC300

“Kudos to you and your product. My son opened up his call, stuck in some batteries and let the rabbit call loose. Within 5 minutes we had a bobcat on the edge of our place @ 50yrds. This is the first bobcat we have ever seen in person. Unbelievable experience and only possible
through your product.”  Thanks Brian

“Hi Chuck, this is Terry I talked to you last week on working with transferring files just wanted to let you know I got that accomplished.  More importantly called in my first fox Saturday evening just after dark my fault didn’t get it,  I wasn’t prepared at how fast it came in and then left just as fast. I set the call out at 70 yards work like a champ!   Me and my buddy took his son 15 years old with us he had a ball thats success in all ways. Thanks again!”

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the GC350.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sounds on the included SD card and the speaker quality!  I really had much lower expectations, given the price of this unit!  I was also happy about the range of the remote, a true 300 yards…I tested it at that distance and it worked flawlessly!
I have been using a home-made e-caller with a power horn speaker and have not been happy because of “crackle” at higher volume.  I tried the same speaker, plugged into the speaker jack on the GC350 and WOW!!! I can probably call coyotes from the next county! No crackle, no hiss, just clean, high quality sounds! :) Thanks ICOtec for making a high quality product for sportsmen, at a reasonable price!!!!!!”

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new call, the remote works great at long distance as advertised, the sound is clear and loud, and the quality is right up there with the high dollar calls.  Called in crows and three coyotes first time out. We took my call and compared it next to a Foxpro Fusion.  At 100 yards we tested each call and asked people to tell us which call was better. Seven out of ten picked the ICOtec.  I am a true believer and I am willing to write and commend this product with utmost confidence.  Keep up the good work guys its just a matter of time before everyone sees the the truth.  Thanks” — GC350