ICOtec Prostaff

ICOtec is proud to support professional-level hunters across the globe through our Prostaff program. Our highly-skilled Prostaff team members work with us to provide top notch photo and video footage of their hunts. They also share valuable feedback when it comes time to test new products before they hit the general public.

If you’re interested in applying to be on the ICOtec Prostaff, please fill out the Prostaff Application Form.

Current Prostaff Team Members:

JD Piatt – Prostaff Director
Aaron Eury – Aaron Eury Facebook Page, Aaron Eury Instagram, Smokum Outdoors YouTube
Adam Gutierrez
Andy Fraga
Austin Crumley – Plow Boy Predator Control Team Facebook Page
Brad Bingham
Brad Stengel
Brandon Townsend – Own the Hunt YouTube, Own the Hunt Instagram, Dirt Nap Diaries Instagram
Chad Millner
Chris Kreiner – 2020 MTPCA Predator Caller of the Year, ckreinermedia.com, Chris Kreiner Facebook Page
Clinton Taylor – Clinton Taylor Facebook Page
Cote Ward – Own the Hunt YouTube, Own the Hunt Instagram
Darin Hess – Darin Hess Facebook Page
David Summers – Plow Boy Predator Control Team Facebook Page
Doug Christiansen – Doug Christiansen Facebook Page, Impact Predator Control Instagram, Impact Predator Control YouTube
Emile Jonker
Jason Stewart – Songdog Mafia YouTube, Songdog Mafia Facebook Page
Jeremy Blackmon
Joe Freybler – CRCH Outdoors YouTube, CRCH Outdoors Facebook Page
Justin Geid – Justin Geid Facebook Page, Justin Geid Instagram
Randy Budde – Randy Budde Facebook Page
Shane Kessler – Rougarou Hog Control Facebook Page
Tyler Higgins

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