GC350 Remote for GC350 Programmable Game Call

GC350 Remote for GC350 Programmable Game Call


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ICOtec has replacement remote controls for the GC350 Programmable Electronic Predator Call in the event you have lost or damaged your original remote.

This remote is identical to the one you received originally. Simply pull the battery activation tab and re-pair the remote and unit so they will communicate. Follow instructions below to re-pair remote to your existing GC350 Electronic Predator Call.

Re-Pairing Your Remote:

A. Turn the unit power switch on, find the small hole to the left of the power switch, insert the paperclip or pin and push in to depress button inside unit.
B.Press and hold any of the call buttons on the new remote.The caller should respond within 3-5 seconds. Please be sure that you are doing them both at the same time. If this does not cure the issue, please turn unit off, recheck your batteries and try the re-pairing process once more.

*ALWAYS use new batteries from the store, not from a drawer. ALWAYS test your batteries prior to leaving the house, and ALWAYS take spare batteries with you hunting.

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Dimensions 4.00 × 1.00 × 3.00 in