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24 thoughts on “Product Registration”

  1. Where can I get another wrist band with the call assignments? Lost mine already. Nice call….really like the extended range on the remote! Thanks. -Mac

  2. muskiebuck865

    I look forward to a lot of use of this call.I have used it twice crow hunting with great success.A friend told about your calls.I had a Foxpro that had problems,customer support was not helpful at all.Thanks for making a great product!

  3. I have add new song number 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209 (Hog Sounds) from you new song list..I had to delete a few old songs in order to provide space for the new songs. The new all songs appear on the SD inside the Caller however, When I syn with the remote to update the new added song do not appear on the remote list.. I want to mention it now just in case it become an issue later with the warranty…I will figure it out, hopefully.

    Cannot wait to try the ICOtex on these Texas hogs and gray dogs as they are making our life miserable

    In Advance Thank You for Your Support…


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