Preview FREE Sounds (GC350 & GC500 only)

The following sound samples are examples of the FREE sounds available only from ICOtec. We are continually adding and updating sounds. List names may vary slightly from some that you may have downloaded earlier. Downloading sounds to ICOtec GC350 or GC500 only, do not use the .ico files on your ICOtec Outlaw.

NEW ELK for 2018:
ICO Cow Elk 1.ico
ICO Cow Elk 2.ico
ICO Cow Elk 3.ico
ICO Bull Elk Bugle 1.ico
ICO Bull Elk Bugle 2.ico
ICO Bull Elk Bugle 3.ico
ICO Young Bull Elk Bugle.ico
NEW for 2018:
ICO Baby Raccoon.ico
ICO Bby Blue Jay.ico
ICO Bby Coon Distress.ico
ICO Bby Coon Fight.ico
ICO Bby Coon Squabble.ico
ICO Cage Match.ico
ICO Cyt Fiasco.ico
ICO Cyt Whines.ico
ICO FCyt Yipping.ico
ICO Food Squabbles.ico
ICO Knock Out.ico
ICO Lost Pup Howls.ico
ICO Maniac.ico
ICO Mating Ritual.ico
ICO Mouse Squeaks.ico
ICO NovaCaine.ico
ICO Octagon.ico
ICO Pack Chatter.ico
ICO Primal Instinct.ico
ICO Pup Battle.ico
ICO Pup Pack Howl.ico
ICO Spazz Pups.ico
ICO Squealin Pup.ico
ICO Thumper.ico
ICO Tiny Bunny.ico
ICO Woodpecker.ico
JDP Coaxer.ico
JDP Death Kiss.ico
TH Whitetail Fawn.ico
NEW Ron Graham Recorded Sounds 11/14/16:
RG Australian Fox Whistle
RG Baby Woodpecker
RG Barred Owl
RG Beaver
RG Bird Screams
RG Bull Elk
RG Cow Elk
RG Chicken Distress
RG Coon Feeding
RG Coon Fight
RG Coyote Alarm
RG Crow Owl
RG Doe Calling Fawn
RG Dove Death Cry
RG Fallow Bull
RG Female Bobcat
RG Fox Birthing
RG Goshawk Distress
RG Gray Squirrel Barks
RG Hawk
RG Jackrabbit
RG Magpie Distress
RG Possum
RG Red Fox Fight
RG Songthrush Bird
RG Wild Hog Distress
RG Wild Hog
RG Wild Hogs
RG Young Coyote Howl
RG Group Howl
Ron Graham Recorded Sounds:
RG Woodpecker Wailing
RG Wild Hog
RG Turkey Distress
RG Skunk Baby
RG Screamin Hogs
RG Red Fox Whistling
RG Red Fox Fight
RG Red Fox Fiasco
RG Prairie Dog
RG Pine Marten
RG Muskrat Baby
RG Mule Deer Screams
RG Magpie
RG Jack Delight
RG Hawk vs Quail
RG Hawk Screams
RG Gray Fox Screams
RG Fox Whistle
RG Flicker
RG Flicker Cries
RG Fisher Screams
RG Fisher Distress
RG Fennec Fox Fight
RG Fawn Screams
RG Elk Calf
RG Crow Talk
RG Crow Screams
RG Crow Death Cry
RG Crow Chatter
RG Coyote Pup Howl
RG Cow Moose
RG Cottontail Wailing
RG Cottontail
RG Coon Babies
RG Cardinal Cries
RG Bobwhite Quail Call
RG Bobcat Scream
RG Bobcat Mating Call
RG Blue Jay Cries
RG Black Bear Cub
RG Bear Cub
RG Barn Swallow Distress
RG Badger
RG Baby Sparrow
RG Baby Sheep
RG Baby Opossum
RG Baby Goat
RG Baby Cottontail
RG Baby Beaver
RG Alligator Baby
Bird Distress:
BFC Guinea Fowl
ICO Baby Blackbird
ICO Baby Grackle
ICO Baby Robin
ICO Cardinal
ICO Crow Distress Extended
ICO Crow Gang
ICO Ducklings
ICO Killdeer
ICO Mockingbird
ICO Pheasant
Coyote Fight Calls:
ICO Baby Pig vs. Coyote
ICO Coyote vs. Fawn
ICO Coyote vs. Feral Cat
Coyote Locator Calls:
Air Raid Siren
ICO Group Howl
ICO Single Coyote Howl
Coyote Vocal Calls:
ICO Challenge Howl
ICO Coyote Barks
ICO Coyote Pup Distress
ICO Dog Whimpers
ICO Mad Coyote
ICO Pup Screams
Farm Animal Calls:
BFC Orphan Lamb
ICO Blind Goat
ICO Chicken Distress
ICO Chicken Squawk
Feline Distress Calls:
ICO Feral Cat
ICO Hungry Kittens
Hand Calls:
BFC Original Rabbit Distress
BFC SS Rabbit Distress
BFC WAM Rabbit
JD Piatt Howls
JD Piatt Pup Distress
JD Piatt Rabbit Distress
JD Piatt Spazz Rabbit
Moose Calls:
LS Hot Esterous Cow
LS Esterous Cow
LS Cow Urinating
LS Cow Moose
LS Bull Rattle
LS Bull Grunt 2
LS Bull Grunt 1
RG Cow Moose
Rabbit Distress Calls:
BFC Hare Distress 2
BFC Hare Distress
ICO Baby Cottontail
ICO Cottontail Frenzy
ICO Jack Rabbit Screams
ICO Young Jack Rabbit
SB Rabbit
ICO Frightened Bunny
Raccoon Calls:
ICO Coon Distress
ICO Coon Fight
ICO Coon Screams
ICO Coon Twitters
ICO Mad Baby Coon
Rodent Distress Calls:
BFC Rat Distress
EB Porcupine Distress
ICO Baby Squirrel
ICO Groundhog Pup
ICO Rat Distress
Turkey Calls:
ICO Diaphragm Call Cuts Yelps
ICO Turkey Yelps
ICO Slate Call Yelps-Cuts
ICO Slate Call Purrs-Clucks
ICO Glass Call Yelps-Cuts
ICO Box Call Yelps
Whitetail Calls:
ICO Buck Grunts
ICO Buck Snort Wheeze
ICO Estrous Bleats with Buck Grunts
ICO Estrous Doe Bleats
ICO Fawn Bawls
ICO Horn Rattling
ICO Long Buck Grunt
Wild Hog Calls:
ICO Angry Pig
ICO Baby Pig Distress
ICO Hungry Pigs
ICO Pig Screams
Justin Foster Pig Squeals
Wolf Calls:
Stan Burt Wolf Howl