Legacy Library Request

If you are an owner of the ICOtec Sabre, Night Stalker or Outlaw, and are upgrading to one of the new programmable Plus Series callers, you are eligible to receive the entire ICOtec Legacy Library for free!

Fill out the Legacy Library Request Form to receive all of the existing free .gcx sound files that we offered on our website for your Sabre, Night Stalker or Outlaw. The new Legacy Library that we’ll send you is converted over to our new .aaf file format, so you’ll be ready to call on any of our programmable Plus Series callers as soon as you get your hands on one.

As an additional thank you to our loyal customers, we are including the JDP (JD Piatt) sounds, as well as Tony Tebbe Signature Sounds as part of the Legacy Library.

If you have purchased the previous version of the new Plus Series callers from icotec.com or if you have purchased elsewhere and registered your product with ICOtec online, or with the provided warranty registration card, or if you can provide copy of your receipt you are eligible to receive the ICOtec Legacy Library. If you purchased one of the previous versions from Predator University, you also qualify for the Legacy Library from Tony Tebbe. Please contact Tony for details.



Thanks for submitting a Legacy Library Request. We'll reach out shortly.

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