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ICOtec Prostaff Team Member Barry Dart

I’ve spent many years predator hunting in southern/central Ontario for local livestock owners. When I first started I used both open and closed reed mouth calls which I purchased mostly from US call companies because predator hunting in Canada was almost nonexistent at the time and calls where very hard to purchase. As a cabinet maker by trade I also started making my own calls and howlers  which allowed me to experiment further with sounds. As I became more familiar with calling and how coyotes reacted my success rate increased greatly. As a result of my continued success I become well known as the “Coyote Guy” with the local farmers and to date I have acquired just over 20,000 acres of private land to hunt. 


As my interest in predator hunting increased I started looking for more strategic ways to increase my success rate even more to deal with nuisance coyotes which was were E-Callers came into play.  I started using ICOtec electronic calls about 5 years ago and although I always took great pride in my ability to call coyotes using my custom made calls, these e-callers where a real game changer. With the huge sound library, compact size and exceptional remote range I am now able strategically set up and call farms almost doubling my original success rate. 


ICOtec Prostaff Barry DartICOtec Prostaff Barry DartICOtec Prostaff Barry DartICOtec Prostaff Barry Dart