ICOtec Patriot Discount

Patriot Discount Plan

ICOtec would like to take the time to salute our fellow Americans who have volunteered to serve our great nation. Thanks to all of our active military, veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters & EMTs. Without your selfless heroism and dedication we would not have the freedom, liberty and safety that we enjoy every single day.

For your service in our country’s military, law enforcement, fire and rescue we would like to extend a 20% discount on our listed products as a small token of our appreciation. Your discount is for new products listed on our site.

1. CONTACT – Email – chuck@icotec.com Attach a photo of a copy of your current state issued driver’s license or other form of official photo ID that indicates your VA or Veteran status or other form of military status, law enforcement ID or badge, a proof of service as a firefighter or EMT. Also include your phone number and physical shipping address for UPS shipment.  Please do not send any identification that includes sensitive information such as social security numbers.

2. ORDER – Let us know what product(s) you wish to purchase.

3. PAYMENT – We will send you a Paypal invoice that you may pay with a credit card or debit card.

4. TRACKING – You will receive a tracking number in an email from UPS.com.

Thank You
Chuck Ames
General Manager – ICOtec