Sound List for 350+/Renegade+

The following sounds were hand selected by JD Piatt to appear on the ICOtec 350+ and Renegade+.

ICO Apollo Howls - Preview
ICO Lonely Luna Howls - Preview
ICO Bonny & Clyde - Preview
ICO Elite Group - Preview
ICO Foreplay - Preview
ICO Mega Pup - Preview
ICO Pup Frenzy 1 - Preview
ICO Valley Fight - Preview
ICO Coyote Fight - Preview
ICO NovaCaine - Preview
ICO New Jack - Preview
ICO Rabbit Distress - Preview
ICO Baby Cottontail - Preview
ICO Cottontail Whailing - Preview
ICO Frightened Bunny - Preview
ICO Hare 2 - Preview
ICO Jack Rabbit Squalls - Preview
ICO Cardinal Distress - Preview
ICO Robin Distress 1 - Preview
ICO Flicker Distress - Preview
ICO Red Fox Pup - Preview
ICO Gray Fox Screams - Preview
ICO Red Fox Fiasco - Preview
ICO Red Fox Fight - Preview
ICO Red Fox Screams - Preview
ICO Baby Deer - Preview
ICO Fawn Screams - Preview
ICO Baby Sheep - Preview
ICO Rat Distress 1 - Preview
ICO Mouse Chatter - Preview