Download FREE Sounds (GC350 & GC500 only) Confirmation


Important requirements to know about loading sounds on your GEN2 GC350

SD Card Requirements

  • SD card can be up to 32gb storage size but must be a Class 4 Full Size SD Card (no Micro) and be designated for use in the caller. No other information (pictures, files, folders) can be on the card.
  • SD card must be formatted to FAT or FAT32 prior to loading sound files.

Downloading Sounds From the ICOtec Free Sounds Library

1: Visit under the Sound Library Tab you will have two links, a preview page to listen to samples of the sounds and the Library Page for downloading sounds.

2: Download desired sounds to your computer. Place them into a folder for storage. Your computer will not open or play the encrypted sound files, only the ICOtec Caller will.

3: Create a “Working Folder” to rename the sound files into the order desired by the 3 digit number code example: 020 ICO Pup Chatter

The GC350 operates 24 sounds total, so your numbering must be 001 through 024 in order to work properly.

4: After your sound files are all numbered to the order you want them on your caller, we’re then ready to transfer them to the SD card. Two options for this procedure are:

*1: connecting the caller with the SD card in the SD slot in back of the caller via the USB cable to your computer.

*2: Pulling the SD card from the caller and inserting into your computer if it has an SD slot drive.
Highlight all the sounds in your Working Folder and Copy them. Paste the copied sound files to the main root of the SD card (They can’t be placed into folders on the SD card)

*Same rules apply for MP3 or WAV files

The GC350 Remote does not require updating after changes have been made to the SD card