Product Trouble Shooting

If you have a new or recently purchased product from ICOtec and you are having an issue with it, here is a small troubleshooting list of exercises to try prior to contacting us for service.

1.  Batteries. The number one issue with all service is due to poor battery quality or charge level. Please purchase new batteries, the better the battery, the better the performance, especially in cold temperatures.  Also be sure that the batteries are installed in the proper direction, again, a rather common oversight.  Be sure that your batteries are new and double check the battery level in the remote, to do so hold down on any call button, if the LED light is blinking you have a low battery level and you should change the battery prior to continuing.

2.  Remote not talking to unit.  Occasionally your unit batteries may die while the unit is running.  This can disrupt the communications between the main unit and the remote control.  The remedy for this is very easy, you will need a small paperclip or a small pin.






To re-pair the remote to the unit – A. Turn the power switch on, find the small hole to the left of the power switch, insert the paperclip or pin to depress the button, hold the button in and pick up the remote with your other hand and press and hold any of the call buttons.  The caller should respond within 3-5 seconds.  Please be sure that you are doing them both at the same time.  If this does not cure the issue, please turn unit off, recheck your batteries and try the re-pairing process once more.

3.  Any other uncommon issues, please contact the company directly.

Hours of operation:  M – F  9:00am – 5:00pm



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